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Biffi Luce: 3D Printing Facilitates Independency in Electrical and Lighting Product Development

Feb 28, 2024

Based in Busnago, Italy, Biffi Luce produces electrical and lighting products and offers its customers tailor-made solutions and support.

“A passion for light is what drives our work and spurs us on every day to seek the best lighting solutions for our customers,” explains Linda, from the Technical Department of Biffi Luce. “Design, functionality, formal beauty and technological innovation to illuminate and share your emotions.”

Biffi Luce produces electrical and lighting products and offers its customers tailor-made solutions and support.


Negative Economic Effect for Outsourcing

Previously, Biffi Luce had to outsource some processes, but turned to 3D printing because outsourcing was negatively affecting its economic resources and the company wanted to monitor and manage its projects independently.


First Attempt at 3D Printing

A 3D printer would allow Biffi Luce to test the design of a lamp, making various to verify the actual validity of dimensions, dimensional joints and tolerances before actually sending the file to the manufacturer who will make it in metal. This would be quicker and cheaper than outsourcing.

The company first attempt at 3D printing was a resin printer. However, this proved to not be the best solution, as that particular model of 3D printer required a lot of maintenance which Linda said was excessive given the workflow of the Technical Department. In addition, the materials were expensive and difficult to use and dispose of safely.

Nevertheless, Biffi Luce wasn’t going to give up on 3D printing so easily.

Biffi Luce wanted to find a machine that was easy to use, didn’t require too much maintenance, that would allow the team to use different materials and that was big enough to be able to print medium-large sized objects.

Biffi Luce wanted to find a stable machine to print medium-large sized objects.


Easy Operation and Management with Raise3D Solution

A collaborator from the technical department who had already used the Pro2 in the past told them of the Raise3D brand. Following this recommendation, Linda says: “Then we searched the Internet for the nearest distributors, so that we could count on some technical help nearby.”

The company subsequently acquired a Raise3D Pro3 Plus and highlight a long list of benefits: high quality, high reliability a large build volume, easy to use, materials that are easy to work with, and an intuitive and user-friendly software (ideaMaker).

In fact, the team is quite comfortable using ideaMaker. With a dual extruder setup, they can use two materials, and they also find that they don’t have to tweak the printer settings often. It is an intuitive program which is used to prepare the print and begin it.

“The printers are easy to use and manage, they have represented a turning point in terms of costs and speed of production and prototyping,” according to Linda.

Biffi Luce believes that the Pro3 Plus satisfies their needs for the time being, but they know they can count on Raise3D solutions to grow.

Biffi Luce believes that they can count on Raise3D solutions.


Maximum Yield with Minimum Maintenance

“The Raise3D Pro3 Plus has allowed the team to make more than 100 prints this year alone, making production of prototypes for testing continuous and the entire process more efficient,” Linda states. “The team also appreciates that, unlike other 3D printing technologies, the Pro3 Plus works autonomously and has never suffered significant damage, guaranteeing maximum yield with minimum maintenance.”

This case was shared by Ciano Shapes, a Raise3D reseller based in Italy.

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