Cosmic Grips: Small Batch Production for over 60 Product Mix

May 12, 2022


Cosmic Grips was founded in 2020. It uses Raise3D’s E2 printer to produce batches for more than 60 models of climbing holds in various shapes in small batches. The printed climbing holds are of high quality and are used for wholesale and online retail on Vertical Solutions’ online store. Cosmic Grips has been in cooperation with Vertical Solutions, a well-known brand that has completed more than 100 rock climbing projects in the United States. The two founders of the Cosmic Grips have deep backgrounds and experience in the climbing field. YUVAL HAMBURG is the founder of the largest climbing gym franchise in Israel – Performance Rock – one of the first indoor activity areas established in Israel, it offers over 100 climbing and bouldering routes in the gym. Another founder is NIR BEIT-AV. He starts climbing since 2000 and with over twenty years’ experience in product design and engineering, Nir fuses has passion for climbing and created functional pieces of art through innovative design and advanced manufacturing methods. Cosmic Grips pushes beyond the imaginable, using advanced design methods, production technologies, and materials, to deliver a product and an experience unlike any other.


Directly Print Out Fine Holdings

Since its establishment, Cosmic Grips has pursued digital production. In addition to being the supplier of the well-known American brand Vertical Solutions, its products are mainly self-produced and self-sold. As a small startup, only small batches of climbing holds are ordered, and traditional manufacturing methods are not cost-efficient by the scale of production. Furthermore, due to the design requirements such as draft angle and tool setting accuracy, traditional process is difficult to process the desired shape. Besides, handmake is impossible to achieve the consistent quality for small batches. How to solve these problems and achieve high-quality and efficient small batch production?


Cosmic Grips chose the Raise3D E2 machine as a production platform to create climbing holds that are both artistic and lightweight. The advantage of the Raise3D E2 machine is that it has high printing accuracy and consistent printing precision. It can accurately print high-quality models, and the surface of the printed climbing holds is smooth and delicate. It can easily manufacture complex structures that cannot be achieved by traditional processes. Designers can design parts more freely, and achieve high-quality production from aesthetics to mechanical optimization.


Durable Machine with Minimal Maintenance

As a start-up company, Cosmic Grips has limited production management personnel, but at the same time it needs to increase the working time of the machine and try to avoid the occupation of labor by non-production operations. Sometimes emergencies happen, such as power outages, machine overheating interruptions, machine maintenance and repairs, etc., that may cause production interruptions and affect output and production efficiency. With Raise3D’s printing machine, you can continue to print after power failure, which solves the problem of interruption of printing due to power failure and the run-out of filaments. Cosmic Grips purchased two Raise3D E2 machines, the Raise3D E2 machines run efficiently around the clock, and completed the small batch production of more than 60 product series within two years, ensuring that climbing holds and other models are sufficient for the self-produced and self-sold and ensure the holds quantities for the product output to Vertical Solutions.


As NIR BEIT-AV says, “3D printing production method allows Cosmic Grips to be elegantly quick, precise, and independent. Our Raise3D machines run 24/7 since we bought them 2 years ago, we definitely like them. Well-priced, we bought more of them and increased our capacity, they give us peace of mind, with minimal maintenance, without worrying about power loss or filament running out, and most important consistent, high-quality results.


Looking Forward to The Industry

In the future, more and more niche market can use 3D printers to overcome the bottleneck of small batch manufacturing and realize commercialization. The reliable quality and other advantages of Raise3D machines is their guarantee.


The case is shared by Caliber, which is distributor of Raise3D in Israel.

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