Injet Hoses and Devices

3D Printing Non-toxic Medical PVC Tubes and Connectors



With more than 20 years of experience in the disposable hospital market for medical, Injet focuses on the production of non-toxic PVC tubes and connections specific to the medical and laboratory applications.


“Our company has experience with Makerbot and others 3D printers’ kits. Compared to the others, Raise3D is better because it accepts different materials and does not need to make many adjustments when printing. It’s easy to work with; just load the material and the job is ready to go. Menu is also very intuitive.”

– Alvaro Santos Jr.



3D Printing Process for Final Product

Before 3D printing, models were executed by outsourcing companies through the machining process. However now, the 3D model is created in Fusion 360 software where the project of the parts is elaborated. The ideaMaker software is used for slicing and sending GCode. The 3D printer is used for making product prototypes and also for manufacturing parts used in production automation.



Results with the Use of 3D Printing

The technology gives them a competitive advantage, offering practicality and speed, because the prototype is created internally in the company, and with the physical model it is already possible to solve problems quickly. An example of results refers to the cost that was previously incurred to send the project to outsource companies. The cost charged per hour and the delay in delivering made a significant impact. To have an idea, a prototype, that today is quickly executed in hours, would take around 10 days to be delivered.

Now, prototypes are printed as soon as the design is ready due to the autonomy of having a 3D printer available at the company.


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