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KOKIDO Accelerated the Testing Process and Improved Prints Accuracy with the Raise3D Solution

Apr 11, 2024

Kokido Development Limited is a world leader in Swimming Pool Robotic and Electric Cleaners, headquartered in Hong Kong. Established in 1990, KOKIDO launched a new series of pool vacuum cleaners in 2016, and released the first robotic cleaners in 2018, which are now KOKIDO’s major business. Their products are available in 58 countries, with over 75 million units sold in the last 10 years. KOKIDO introduced one Raise3D Pro3 Plus with the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit for prototyping related components and tools in the pool robotic cleaners.

KOKIDO is a world leader in Swimming Pool Robotic and Electric Cleaners.


Slow Test and Long Coordination Process

Headquartered in Hong Kong, KOKIDO coordinated frequently with the mainland factories, with Hong Kong being responsible for the design and the mainland for the 3D printing of test pieces. They faced a problem where the small parts that require ergonomic testing or fine-tuning of their appearance can’t be immediately tested. It would take several days before they could undergo testing.

The small parts require ergonomic testing or fine-tuning of their appearance.


3D Printing Experience

The head of the Product Development Team of Kokido, Alan Ma, had experience with lower-end light-curing printers as well as the other old FFF printers. However, he found those printers to be inconvenient, with high maintenance costs and occupying too much space, thus no longer use them.


Saved Time and Agile Verification

After introducing the Raise3D Pro3 Plus printer with the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit, they can quickly test or improve the inaccurate prints. They use the Hyper Speed PLA filament for production. Each Raise3D printer works on average around 50 hours a week, if busy, and 20-30 hours when less so. Over 200 parts have been printed until now.

Quick test and high productivity with the Raise3D Printer.


KOKIDO can quickly try out various iterations within a day and modify the part according to the result, which helps gain time during product development. They mostly print small parts, which they need to fine tune and validate quickly. For example, some gears did not rotate smoothly, but after some adjustments with the assistance of Raise3D printer, the results were ideal.

KOKIDO gained time in product development.


Outlook from Kokido

Alan praised the Raise3D Pro3 Plus, “the speed, and also the tolerance is within our standard.”

For Kokido, the speed and quality of the printing is satisfactory, and the current production of the Raise3D printers can satisfy their demand. In view of this, they plan to purchase more filaments for more test and production.

Kokido plans to purchase more filaments for more test and production.


This case was shared by Jadason Technology Ltd, a Raise3D reseller based in China Hong Kong.

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