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Scorpion Security Enhances Assembly Efficiency with 3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures with Raise3D Hyper FFF™ Solution

Jul 13, 2023

Adam Bixby is a mechanical engineer for Scorpion Security Products, a company that specializes in asset protection, particularly for phones, tablets, and wearables at storefronts, with the aim of reducing theft. They are a leader in the retail security industry, specializing in high security mechanical solutions for handheld electronic devices and much more, and have expanded their focus to include niche markets such as clothing. Their primary goal is to create products that are unstealable and provide effective security solutions.

Scorpion Security Products employs both an E2 and Pro3 Raise3D printer for both prototyping and production purposes. The printer allows them to quickly iterate and improve their designs, proving to be a valuable tool in streamlining their processes and reducing production time by almost 3 times as fast. In addition, the rapidly printed parts also allow them to assemble the products in-house, which saves more time and money.

“Prior to getting the printers, we outsourced the prototyping,” Bixby said. “Now, it’s much easier and cheaper to prototype everything ourselves.”

Scorpion Security Products employs both an E2 and Pro3 Raise3D printer for both prototyping and production purposes


Raise3D Printers allow Scorpion Security Products to Streamline Prototyping Process

The company has implemented strategies to streamline their production process, with a particular focus on the application of jigs and fixtures in assembly. By using specialized jigs and fixtures printed by Raise3D Pro3 and E2 printers, they have been able to reduce the number of parts involved in their assembly, leading to several benefits. These jigs and fixtures allow them to combine two pieces together, eliminating the need for one of the molds previously used for production. Additionally, they have successfully eliminated an entire part by utilizing the precise alignment provided by the jigs and fixtures, reducing the reliance on screws in the assembly process. These improvements not only simplify the assembly process but also enhance the ability of their suppliers to put the product together efficiently.

Depending on the quantity required, Scorpion Security Products decides whether to use injection molding or 3D printing for production. Injection molding is preferred for larger quantities, while 3D printing is better for small quantities. As such, it is primarily used for prototyping purposes. The ability to prototype with 3D printing and utilize jigs and fixtures has been particularly beneficial for the company, as it allows them to iterate on designs and make necessary adjustments before proceeding with full-scale production.

The number of parts involved in the assembly were reduced by using specialized jigs and fixtures printed by Raise3D Pro3 and E2 printers


Choosing High-Performance Filament to Enhance Jigs and Fixtures Usage

Scorpion Security Products has experimented with various materials using Raise3D printers and their accompanying jigs and fixtures. They have successfully printed with carbon fiber reinforced PLA, which provide higher strength compared to typical PLAs or ABS materials. The precise alignment and support provided by the jigs and fixtures ensure accurate and reliable results during the prototyping process.

Scorpion Security Products employs the E2 model of the Raise3D printer, utilizing the mirror mode feature of their jigs and fixtures. This enables them to simultaneously print two identical parts, thereby saving time during the assembly process. However, the assembly of their products can still be time-consuming and challenging. Proper alignment and coordination facilitated by the jigs and fixtures are crucial during assembly, as components need to come together at the same time and rate. To aid in this process, they have used the printers and jigs and fixtures to develop holders for the parts of their products, which help align them properly. They also use a variety of colors to determine which assembly a specific part belongs to, further enhancing the efficiency of their workflow. Raise3D filaments have a wide variety of color selection for jigs and fixture printing. Each color represents a specific tool, device or a particular operation. The visual distinction allows workers to quickly identify and locate the appropriate jigs and fixtures for their specific task, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

The printers and jigs and fixtures are used to develop holders for the parts of their products, which help align properly for the assembly


Enhanced Speed and Productivity with Raise3D Hyper FFFUpgrades

One significant advantage of the Raise3D printers used by Scorpion Security Products is the Hyper FFFupgrade, which has brought notable improvements in speed and productivity. With this upgrade, the printers are capable of achieving higher printing speeds while maintaining the same level of quality. The slicer software’s projections often conservatively overestimate the required print time, resulting in prints being completed approximately 10-15 minutes faster than anticipated. This upgrade has significantly contributed to the overall efficiency of Scorpion Security’s 3D printing operations. For prints that used to take more than 8 hours to complete, the Hyper FFFupgrade allows Bixby to complete them in less than 3 hours.

“The Hyper Speed is more than enough,” Bixby said. “It gets to about three times faster than the normal speed and stays completely accurate.”


3D Solutions Allow for Rapid Development of End-Use Products

While Scorpion Security Products utilizes higher-strength materials for their prototypes, such as carbon fiber, the actual end products they produce are made of steel. This indicates that their final products prioritize durability and strength. Additionally, the company offers display solutions for items such as wine, liquor, and baby formula. For these applications, they opt for plastic jigs and fixtures as anti-sweep devices, further showcasing the versatile application of 3D printing and jigs/fixtures in their product lineup.

Plastic jigs and fixtures are opted for anti-sweep devices


Scorpion Security Products is a company focused on asset protection, utilizing innovative solutions to prevent theft. They leverage the capabilities of their Raise3D printer for both prototyping and production purposes, allowing them to streamline their processes and reduce assembly complexities. By experimenting with different materials and employing efficient techniques, they continually improve their product designs and achieve higher production speeds. Their commitment to providing effective security solutions is reflected in their use of materials and dedication to quality.

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