A high-temperature composite filament for end-use applications

Raise3D Industrial PPA GF is a glass fiber reinforced composite filament material based on PPA (polyphthalamide or high-performance/high-temperature Nylon). PPA is distinguished from aliphatic polyamides (e.g.PA6) by higher melting point, glass transition temperatures (Tg), lower moisture absorption, and greater dimensional stability. The incorporation of short glass fibers (15wt.%) further improves upon the properties of PPA matrix, which makes PPA GF printed parts promising for end-use applications in automotive, aerospace, electrical and electronics (E&E) industry.

  • High rigidity and strength
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Lower moisture absorption
  • Dimensional stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Higher heat distortion temperatures
  • cost-effective

Compatibility: Raise3D Industrial PPA Support Filament

Raise3D Industrial PPA GF Filament



  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical and electronics (E&E) industry
  • End-use parts

Material Performance

Printing Guide

Recommended Print Settings

Nozzle temperature (°C)
Bed temperature (°C)
Layer height (mm)
0.1-0.25 mm
Printing speed (mm/s)
30-120 mm/s
Cooling fan
Drying temperature (°C)
80-100°C for 4 to 6 hours

Printing Notifications:

  • Abrasion of the brass nozzle happens frequently when printing PPA GF. Using abrasion resistance nozzle, such as hardened steel and above grade nozzles, is highly recommended.
  • After the printing, it is recommended to anneal the model in the oven at 80-100°C for 4 to 8 hours and cool the room temperature naturally.

For Raise3D Printer Users:

Choose the best 3D printer to start your printing journey with PPA GF. Find E2CF.

For ideaMaker Users:

The printing profile for PPA GF will be available soon on ideaMaker IO. Please download the latest version of ideaMaker.


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