Resilient and flexible rubber-like filament

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) is a type of flexible and elastic 3D printing filament. Its rubber-like elasticity, resilience, and durability make it suitable for uses requiring impact-absorption and a soft-touch surface. Examples of TPU 3D printed parts include tubes, seals, bushings and vibration dampeners.

  • Elastic and flexible
  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Durable and resilient

Compatibility: Premium PLA, Premium PVA



Raise3D Premium TPU-95A



OFP Certified: Polymaker PolyFlex™ TPU95

(Available at





  • Seals, tubes
  • Protective cases
  • Shoes and insoles
  • Bushings, gaskets
  • End-use parts

Material Performance

Printing Guide

Printing Settings

Nozzle temperature (°C)
210 ℃ – 230 ℃
Bed temperature (°C)
25 ℃ – 60 ℃
Layer height (mm)
0.1mm – 0.25mm
Printing speed (mm/s)
25mm/s – 50mm/s
Cooling fan
Drying temperature (°C)
70 ℃

Printing Notifications:

  • Raft is not recommended for TPU.
  • Optimize flowrate and printing speed for a better feeding and extrusion for soft filament.
  • Dry TPU filament before printing.

For Raise3D Printer Users:

Choose the best 3D printer to start your printing journey with TPU. Find 3D Printers.

For ideaMaker Users:

Choose the right printing profile for TPU on ideaMaker IO and use it on ideaMaker. Download the latest version of ideaMaker.

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