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3D Printing In Concert

Dec 1, 2017

In a collaboration between art and technology, the Synphonic Festival know as the Viterbo Festival, presents “I BEMOLLI SONO BLU”(October 15-December 18, 2017) features a complete performance concert exploring myths from the past through the future.

It all starts with the composition of Silvia Colasanti : Rumbling Gears in a premiere performance with mime and 3D printer. The hall is completely dark. Only the white sheet that conceals the work of the revolutionary machine remains. In the shadows, a man approaches the futuristic object with a stealthy step, fearfully accepting the transformation of modern life with suffering and hesitation. Then slowly opens the 3D machine and pulls out the newly created artifact, looks at it, and with amazement recognizes the face of M. De Palma that until now has accompanied him to the piano. Applause and applause again.

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