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ideaMaker 4.2.1 Release Notes

Sep 29, 2021

Release notes
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

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Slice Settings


1.Added slicing templates for Raise3D E2CF


2. Added Raise3D PA12 CF and Raise3D PA12 CF Support filament settings.


3. Added options under “Project Panel” to slice active models only when enabled.

Inactive models won’t be shown in printing result.


4. Added “Single Shell Surface Mode” option.

All the structures of the models will be printed out with single shell, without Infill, Top Solid Fill, Bottom Solid Fill when this option enabled.

The option will be helpful for printing models with non-manifold structures, such as aero foil.


5. Added option not to place seams at overhand areas to avoid bad printing result.

The detection of overhang area will be controlled by “Overhand Shells Angle” setting.


6. Added “Print Non-Manifold Edges” option.

The non-manifold structures on model will be printed out with single lines instead of being ignored with this option enabled.


7. Added check for heating code in Start Gcode. Added support for M568 Code: Set Tool Settings for RepRap Firmware.


8. The speed range of the legend will be changed when the option “No Travel Move” or “Show Retraction” is enabled in the gcode previewing.


Printer Settings


1. Added support for GCode Thumbnails for OctoPrint and Mainsail
Users can enable GCode Thumbnails for OctoPrint and Mainsail under “Printer Settings” -> “Advanced”. ideaMaker will add image information such as model thumbnail image at the head of the exported G-Code file.


User Interface


1. Added support for slicing active model only under Project Panel.
The inactive models won’t be shown in printing result.


2. Added support for save the size of “Prepare to Slice”, “Project” and other main panels, as well as “Advanced Settings”, “Filament Settings”, “Preferences” and “Select Template” dialog boxes.


3. Added prompt to “Profile Generator” under “Prepare to Slice” and “Select Template” to generate default basic templates if the templates are lost.


4. Added access to ideaMaker Library under “Advanced Settings” to check more details of the slicing settings and the difference between the settings in other slicing softwares.


Bug Fixes


1. Avoided adding Wipe Nozzle in middle of printing short Shells, Infills, Support Infill lines and Support Outlines.

2. Fixed the issue of Thin Wall not being detected as the close loop structure.

3. Fixed the crash caused by adding manual supports onto models with textures.

4. Fixed the fan speed calculation issue when overhang shells fan speed, bridging fan speed and fan speed control list being enabled.