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ideaMaker 4.4.3 Alpha Release Notes

Sep 29, 2023


  1. Added 7 new built-in filaments and 18 templates for Raise3D E2CF:

Adaptable model:E2CF

  • Filament:PET GF 1.75mm,PET Support 1.75mm,PLA 1.75mm,ABS 1.75mm,PETG 1.75mm,ASA 1.75mm,PC 1.75mm
  • Template:3 templates for each filament, including High Quality, Speed, and Standard.

Note: Raise3D Industrial PET Support 1.75mm filament is a support material with no built-in template as it is not necessary.


2. Add 1 new high-speed material Raise3D Hyper Speed ABS V2 (additional requirement, under development)

  • Adaptable models:Raise3D Pro3、Raise3D Pro3 Plus、Raise3D Pro2、Raise3D Pro2 Plus。
  • Template:High Quality,Standard。


3. E2CF is open to filaments restrictions

  • E2CF built-in system template all parameters are open for setting;
  • E2CF allows customized templates to import 3rd-party materials;


4. In the normal mode, ideaMaker has removed threshold reminders for speed, warning pop-up notifications, and yellow exclamation point alerts in the Advanced Settings.


5. Updated the material density of some materials.

6. Defect Resolution

  •  Fixed certain interface display issues.
  •  Addressed some known defects.