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Raise3D Changing Manufacturing with 3D Printing

Mar 20, 2020

Being one of the leading manufacturers of industrial-grade 3D printers, Raise3D is driven by a mission to lead the promotion and implementation of flexible manufacturing solutions with 3D printing. Edward Feng, Founder and CEO of Raise3D, recently talked to CIO Applications on how his company encourages and values innovative ideas, invests in research and development, and promotes the use of new technologies.


Please elaborate on the 3D printing products that Raise3D offers today.

The manufacturing space today is aware of the benefits that 3D printing has to offer. However, there is a lack of understanding when it comes to bringing 3D printing technology into real-world production. To that end, our solutions encompass two industrial-grade printers, namely Pro2 and E2 series. To empower the hardware, we deliver RaiseCloud, which is the first fully integrated 3D print management ecosystem of its kind. Finally, we also offer great coverage with numerous filaments and spare parts that can help customers with easy access to a wide range of compatible parts for our printers.


What steers Raise3D ahead of the competition?

We have a dedicated team at work that plays an instrumental role in transforming our vision of facilitating flexible manufacturing with innovative 3D printing systems to reality. For us, customers hold the key to innovation. As a result, we are squarely focused on addressing our customers’ needs and intently listening to them for developing our products accordingly. This translates into a great iteration for our existing products, be it the software—RaiseCloud, or the hardware we deliver.

As an international company with offices across the U.S., Europe, and China, we foster a unique blend of three different cultures. This proves to be advantageous for us as we can communicate easily with our clients in those regions and offer them global solutions.


Which are the sectors that Raise3D gets the most traction from?

We provide benefits through our 3D printing solutions to almost every industry. For the aerospace and automotive industry, we offer unparalleled 3D printing capacity, bringing about a greater revolution to transform it. Similarly, for the healthcare industry, we increase the possibility of full customization according to patients’ needs, specifically in the areas of prosthetics and orthotics, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Besides these industries, we are also witnessing traction across many industries in small-batch production runs, spare parts management, and jigs and fixtures manufacturing space as well.


Please elaborate on a success story where Raise3D assisted its client in reaping the benefits of 3D printing.

Most organizations are under the impression that industrial machines that can be really helpful are expensive, and the rest of the available equipment are fit only for printing home devices or children’s toys. The experience of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of railway equipment—nips such an idea in the bud. The company produces functional component parts and prototypes for locomotive facilities and transport engineering enterprises. Its production is mainly based on additive technologies, but the company is also exploring new directions, such as metal spraying, laser cladding, and plasma surfacing.
They bought their first 3D printers—Raise3D Pro2— with two extruders about a year ago, and later we were informed by the manager of the additive technologies project that their experience of using 3D technologies in transport engineering was extremely seamless.

The manufacturer today implements additive technologies in the production of functional component parts and prototypes for locomotives, tractor plants, and more.

To accomplish this, they visit depots and locomotive repair plants and, based on these visits, prepare the list of scarce pieces and other products with delivery problems, including discontinued component parts or products with lost documentation. Following that, they scan the component part or create a 3D model in a special program and reengineer it, if necessary, and then print it using our 3D printer. They can also paint and make amendments to the parts if required.


What lies ahead for Raise3D in the future?

For the future, we will be offering more products and services in order to improve the entire 3D printing ecosystem. We also plan to increase the range and capabilities of our products by adding technical plastics and metal filaments to our portfolio, which will not only help our existing customers but will also allow us to gain more traction. We intend to lead, rather than follow, in terms of flexible manufacturing with 3D printing.
Further, we are planning to launch customized products for each industry that we serve, along with products focused specifically on flexible manufacturing. We already have a team that assists our clients in finding the best solution that fits their needs, and on the same line, Raise3D will continue encouraging its clients to provide feedback to improve its products and services.


About Raise3D

Raise3D designs and manufactures top-performing 3D printers and 3D printing solutions for corporations. With offices in California, Rotterdam, and Shanghai, Raise3D is positioned to be a leader in developing flexible manufacturing solutions with desktop 3D printing. For more additional information, please visit: www.raise3d.com.

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