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New RaiseTouch Update for E2

Mar 18, 2020

The newest update to RaiseTouch for the E2 encompasses all its new accessibility features. These features make printing easier than ever. This update includes: Auto Bed-Leveling, Intelligent Leveling, Offset Calibration Guides, and Safety Mode. Read below to see how these features make printing with the E2 more simple, easy, and accurate.


E2 Features Enabled in New RaiseTouch Update:


1. Auto Bed-Leveling/Intelligent Leveling
The E2 will automatically determine the flatness of the build surface and adjust the printing parameters accordingly. This increases accuracy by providing a solid foundation for the model.
Bed-leveling can be set to Full Mode (for 63-point leveling), Simple Mode (for 9-point leveling) or Intelligent Leveling (leveling only the surface area used for the model). Users can choose the perfect leveling procedure for each print depending on the requirements of each print job.


2. Offset Calibration Guide
This video-assisted guide walks users through the process of aligning extruders to create prints with clear geometrical accuracy. After completing the guide, the E2 will automatically align extruders in the X, Y, and Z direction, detailing the offset measurements for each one.


3. Safety Mode
By enabling this feature, the E2 will automatically pause printing whenever either the top lid or front door is opened. Once the door closes the E2 will continue printing right where it left off. This is ideal for protecting users in educational and manufacturing environments.


Read the full Release Notes
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