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Pro2 Plus: Best Large Format Printer for Spring 2019

Apr 3, 2019


“There’s no getting around it, the Raise3D’s flagship is gigantic. It’s massive. It’s humongous”

“Everything on this printer has the tag “professional” written over it. The build quality is excellent. Everything is sturdy, nicely designed, the Z-axis rods alone are hefty sticks of industrial grade metal.”

“Raise3D Pro Plus combines a great workflow with large capacity FDM 3D printing.”

Year after year, Raise3D continues to lead the category in award-winning Large Format 3D Printers. Now with the introduction of the Pro2 Series many manufacturers, engineers, and industry professionals have integrated this large volume production for the fraction of the price of other professional grade systems. Learn More about the highlighted features from All3DP’s 2019 review that make this printer a top choice.

excellent build quality
print quality consistently good
professional workflows
full enclosure for proper heat management
great integrated software control thanks to Ideamaker software
free choice of printable FFF materials
0.01 layer resolution
HEPA filter
strong, magnetic, heated bed

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