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Pro2 Series Updates

Oct 29, 2018

Your Attention Please!
Product update from Raise3D; three critical software/ firmware updates launching back to back.

Since we launched the new Pro2 Series in March of this year, a significant share of the development has been happening “under the hood” of the printer. Lately, however, we have doubled the size of our team (and growing), we’ve improved our quality assurance processes, and we have listened to and analyzed feedback from thousands of customers.

All of this is resulting in big improvements and accelerated development. That’s why it is of vital importance that these updates be installed as soon as possible to experience more new features and enhancements to your Raise3D Pro2 Series printer.

Over the next few days, we will roll out new firmware for Raise Touch and the Motion Controller Board, as well as version 3.3.0 of the ideaMaker software. *These updates should be installed as soon as available.


Launching this week; new motion control Firmware update 0.0.66, ideaMaker 3.3.0 and RaiseTouch 1.1.0, a whole new “personality” for your Raise3D Pro2 Series printer!

Major Revamp of Firmware Settings-

⦁ Significantly improves motion junction system

⦁ Provides smooth and clean acceleration

⦁ Reduces artifacts and blemishes

The latest updates of the Motion Control Board firmware are crucial to optimal performance and improving the motion control algorithm (especially important for curved surface movement) in order to take advantage of the Pro2 Series’ maximum potential.

Added custom M code M906 will control extruder motor current allowing it to be set as low as 400mA (from default 650mA) to increase system stability while printing with lower temperature PLA. Utilizing ‘M906 E400’ will trigger low current mode for the extruder motors, reducing the extruder motor temperature below 55℃ and gear temperature below 43℃.

Optimized Print Acceleration Control allows the Pro2 Series to be quicker and smoother, even with high-speed movements.

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ideaMaker 3.3.0 Update- More Robust Than Ever.

Raise3D Engineers programmed over 60 improvements, bug fixes, and upgraded features!

⦁ Improved slicing algorithm

⦁ Optimized travel path for a cleaner print

⦁ Improved slicing templates to enhance print quality

With an eye clearly fixed on worry-free 3D printing, ideaMaker 3.3.0 includes a correction of the extrusion width from 0.5mm to 0.4mm along with improved slicing templates for PLA, ABS, PETG, PC, and PVA. The new ideaMaker update is designed to allow the user to configure cool down settings for the inactive extruder to prevent “oozing” during non-activity, set the XY compensation for outer contours and holes, improve the layer change functionality and define different infill patterns for top and bottom solid parts. Raise3D is, and always will be, committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience with our printers and with our team. We thank you for your input in this process and look forward to your feedback on these two vitally important upgrades to your Pro2 Series printer.
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RaiseTouch 1.1.0

More control, right at your fingertips

⦁ Low Current Mode

⦁ Fast Stop

⦁ Export Time Lapse

⦁ Developer API

Increase performance with low temp materials. Quickly enable and disable low current mode directly from your touchscreen.
Quickly pause and stop prints, even while printing a raft.
Save and share your progress. Export your camera footage to external storage with this new feature.
Enable Developer Mode and get even more out of RaiseTouch with the developer API.

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Read the full Release Notes to see the details of what’s new in this software release.

If you’re experiencing any issues, please make sure to check our troubleshooting pages before contacting our support team.


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