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Raise3D Announces Its Go Green Initiative

Oct 26, 2022

A commitment to pursue the best knowledge and follow the best practices with the aim of minimizing its ecological footprint


OCTOBER 26th, 2022. Rotterdam – Raise3D, the global provider of additive manufacturing solutions for SMEs and LSEs, announces its “Go Green Initiative”, a commitment to pursue the best knowledge and follow the best practices with the aim of minimizing its ecological footprint.

In a world where environmentally-friendly actions are still the exception, and where every day scientists show more concern about our negative impact on climate change, we all need to play our part to improve the situation.

3D printing has been instrumental in creating sustainable practices and contributing to a circular economy. From sustainable materials, like PLA, to the very nature of additive manufacturing, with its inherent reduction of waste, this technology has shown that being environmentally conscious and creating prosperity can go hand in hand.

Raise3D believes the best approach is to be green by nature.

As a designer and manufacturer of additive manufacturing equipment, this translates into designing products that can sustain heavy work with full operational effectiveness for many years. With that goal in mind, we make a constant effort in bringing software and hardware upgrades. By providing additional value to all existing customers, these improvements extend the productive life of their Raise3D’s products, thus reducing waste and the consumption of more materials. Other green actions, like the Power Saving Mode we have in Raise3D printers, have been implemented before, but may have been unnoticed this far.

With the Go Green Initiative, we will have a comprehensive approach to the “Green” topic. We will show to the public what we are doing already, what we are planning to do, and we will welcome all contributions from our customers and general public.

An important action we will start to implement right away is the gradual replacement of the plastic spools with cardboard spools.

Initially, 6 Premium filaments will benefit from the new spool: PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PC and TPU-95A. The spool uses glue that can withstand even the high temperatures of filament drying procedures and has been designed to ensure that the quality and reliability of the printing process remains unchanged. Additionally, the spools now have added practicality, with a scale printed on the outside, indicating the amount of filament left.

Just like the spools, the corresponding boxes are also made from recycled cardboard and are easy to dispose of and recycle. Customers can expect the new spools to ship with the Premium filament they order from November 2022 onwards, depending on their location.

Diogo Quental, who coordinates Raise3D’s Go Green Initiative, said: “The vision we all have is to have ocean’s plastic pollution transformed into filament we can use in 3D Printing, contributing to a circular economy. While there are still many challenges to get there, the innovative process sometimes surprises us with relevant leaps forward, and so we shall hope the dream will one day become a reality, even if it may take one or two decades. In the meantime, it’s our responsibility to implement all the actions that are possible already, and we are committed to do so. We want to make 3DP always look greener on our side. We invite you to visit our Go Green Initiative homepage, and we welcome all your ideas and suggestions that contribute to the Green Initiative by contacting us at gogreen@raise3d.com


Let’s Go Green!


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