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Raise3D Announces the Launch of ideaMaker 4.1.0 Update with a Texture Generation Feature

Mar 15, 2021

March 15th, 2021. Rotterdam – IdeaMaker is Raise3D’s slicing software, and one of its key products. It is available for use for both Raise3D and third-party users and aims to provide a smooth printing process.

Aiming at being a leading provider of Additive Manufacturing solutions, we see our ideaMaker as an essential factor for overall customer success.

The latest version, ideaMaker 4.1.0, adds new improvements, with the main highlight being a texture generation feature.

In 2020, ideaMaker saw a major update with the launch of version 4.0, adding powerful settings that allowed for direct customization and optimization of 3D models within the slicing software. Last year, updates also included the integration of ideaMaker Library, creating a complete ecosystem together with RaiseCloud and Octoprint.

The latest update of ideaMaker, launched on March 15th 2021, includes a new feature that is unique for a software of its kind: adding texture on a model’s surface based on a greyscale 2D image. 

Users can now simply select an image with the desired pattern, and ideaMaker will automatically spread the image on the surface of the model. This allows for customized textures without any previous modelling needed. With ideaMaker texture, users can easily create different iterations of the same STL model by applying different patterns on their surface.

This opens up a range of new possibilities, especially for applications like CMF design in electronic and industrial products, for product development, and on-demand production and creative industries, such as fashion.

Along with this new Texture feature, Texture Library will also become available in ideaMaker , which offers users multiple textures to choose from, giving them the possibility to easily experiment and implement textures on the surface of their models.

ideaMaker 4.1.0 also comes with a Belt Printer feature that gives the Y-axis an unlimited length, which can allow users to make longer objects or make uninterrupted duplicates of a 3D model.

With this feature, Raise3D is bringing Additive Manufacturing even closer to continuous production.

Other new features of ideaMaker 4.1.0 :

  • Image to 3D Model: added support for converting an imported image into 3D model.
  • Image to Infills: added support for infills generated from image.
  • Nozzle Modifiers: users can choose selected areas of a model to be printed with different nozzles.

ideaMaker 4.1.0 will be available in English, Italian, Polish, French, German, and Spanish.

More details can be found on the release notes: https://www.raise3d.com/news/ideamaker-4-1-0-release-notes/

Watch the ideaMaker 4.1.0 presentation video here:

ideaMaker 4.1.0 can be downloaded here:


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