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Raise3D Continues to Innovate in Flexible Manufacturing Solutions

Apr 28, 2023

Rotterdam, The Netherlands Raise3D, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers and printing solutions, announced substantial growth in its turnover and market share, both in printers and in filament sales, in line with what has been publicly released by CONTEXT.

According to Edward Feng, Raise3D’s Global CEO, “Our performance in 2022 emphasizes not only the quality of Raise3D’s products and the consistent good work carried out by Raise3D’s sales network, but also a structural shift going on in manufacturing after the COVID pandemic, where an effort to reduce dependence on distant supply chains can now be observed.

Just like numerous large and small companies in the AM Industry, makers’ communities and individuals, Raise3D was humbled by the pandemic’s impact on everyone’s lives and honored for contributing with its production capacity to support the medical community.

The tragic consequences of the pandemic, however, validated the importance of Raise3D’s mission of offering a “A perfect Ecosystem to facilitate Flexible Manufacturing”, as expressed in early 2018.


The confirmation of the importance and opportunity to redefine manufacturing through the implementation of Flexible Manufacturing made Raise3D focus on the actions that could unleash all this potential even quicker.

Initially, the effort was put into developing the best professional FFF 3D printer in the market, which was achieved in 2018 with the launch of Pro2 Series, acknowledged by the many awards it received.

The extensive use of the Pro2 Series by corporate customers then helped identify opportunities for further improvement, which in early 2021 culminated in the launch of the Pro3 Series, together with a more powerful version of RaiseCloud print management software.


With a “world class” OEE level and a reliability of 99%, in early 2022, the Pro3 Series allowed Raise3D’s R&D to move one step further in the company’s plan and focus on 3D printing productivity. The result was the launch of Hyper FFF™ last November, which allows an increase in productivity of about four times, thanks to a newly developed active vibration cancellation algorithm based on the famous open-source Klipper project. A few days ago, Hyper FFF™ started being offered also to Pro2 Series customers, completely free to all already installed or yet to be installed printers, and a similar offer will soon be available for the E2 and the E2CF.


Since the launch of Hyper FFF™, Raise3D has been receiving and supporting a growing number of requests for the implementation of flexible manufacturing solutions, for different applications like the production of jigs & fixtures, insoles, prosthetics, and lighting, among others.

The transition of professional FFF into manufacturing is also visible in filament sales, now growing at rates that cannot be explained otherwise.


To properly support the previously mentioned growing demand for flexible manufacturing solutions, Raise3D is now organizing new dedicated internal areas and is preparing to substantially increase its team of application engineers. In parallel, a requalification process of the sales network is ongoing, where Raise3D will prepare selected resellers to support customers in their AM journey into Flexible Manufacturing. By the end of this process, Raise3D will be acting in three market segments:

  • Professional
  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Industrial

The Flexible Manufacturing segment will be a bridge between the two other segments; the Professional, where customers will tend to produce single parts or very small batches; and the Industrial, where AM will potentially be chosen for being the most competitive manufacturing solution regardless of the batch size.


To further contribute to this transition process, Raise3D now also has a team in the Open Filament Program (OFP) dedicated to Hyper Speed and Hyper Core Filaments.

At the forefront of Flexible Manufacturing implementation are 3D printing service bureaus, who offer bridge manufacturing solutions to their customers, and thus, contribute to showcase the potential of the technology and speed up its adoption, and many have chosen Raise3D printers.

One of these companies is GagatAM, who currently has a printing capacity of 50,000 parts per month and is planning to increase it to 100,000 parts per month. Emil Janevics, GAGAT AM’s CEO and Founder, explains their choice of Raise3D printers: “With the demand for industrial 3D printing rising, we prioritized finding machines that could deliver high accuracy and reliability while printing materials like PA-GF, PC-GF, and PA-CF. We tested several brands and Raise3D’s Pro3 stood out with its exceptional RaiseCloud software and speedy printing without any wobbles. Equipped with a robust motion system, ball screws on the Z-axis, and having an enclosed print area, it was the perfect choice for our round-the-clock, on-demand 3D printing needs. Fast forward two years and 80k parts later, and we’ve learned that unreliable desktop 3D printers can no longer cut it for picky customers who demand high-quality industrial parts.”

Raise3D considers 3D printing services as a key factor to the success of fast adoption of AM in manufacturing, and will soon be working on a specific offer for companies in this area. Contact us at inquiry@raise3d.com for more information.

A lot is going on, but a lot more is coming.

As shown in this video, Raise3D stays committed to implementing Flexible Manufacturing solutions and is looking forward to supporting your company in that process.


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