Raise3D N2 : Best 3D Printer 2018

JAN 17, 2018

Make Magazine Review

The N2 begins the new year as the leader of the pack featuring an 8” display screen, dual extrusion capabilities, massive build volume and much much more.

Make Magazine’s annual printer shootout is based on a rubric of 11 key points. With a team of rigorous testers, they put each product through a trial of test prints that score: Vertical and horizontal surface quality, dimensional accuracy, overhang angle, bridging, negative space tolerance, retraction performance, support material, squareness, full bed dimensional accuracy, and z wobble.

Maxing the score in 8 of these categories, the Raise3D N2 has been awarded the title of “Best Overall” and “Best Large Format” for 2018.

“Even a week after the shootout I was still blown away by how far the display and ideaMaker slicing software set this machine apart from the rest.”

“it is so good out of the box. It really does just work.”

Watch Video here

Make Magazine Review
Angileri, Phillip J. “Raise3D N2” Make Magazine Dec. 2017: 32 Print.