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Raise3D Will Debut at IMTS with Its New Line of Industrial Solutions

Sep 7, 2022

Raise3D Will Debut at IMTS with Its New Line of Industrial Solutions


September 12-17, 2022 – Raise3D, the global provider for manufacturing solutions based on industrial 3D printing technology, will participate in IMTS 2022 and showcase its advanced industrial-grade 3D printer, the RMF500, and an end-to-end fully integrated metal printing solution, MetalFuse. Raise3D firmly believes that industrial 3D printers will drive additive manufacturing to the next level.


The RMF500 is an industrial-grade 3D printer for small-batch production launched by Raise3D. It is designed to meet the production demands of high-end manufacturing in terms of quality and speed, and can create end-parts that are stronger, more heat-resistant and more impact-resistant than traditional 3D-printed parts. Using the most advanced FFF 3D printing technology currently available, the RMF500 meets industry requirements for highly accurate and reliable repeatability, and is a significant step in Raise3D’s response to customers’ need for larger build volume and stronger filaments within additive manufacturing. Click here to watch the video of RMF500.



The RMF500’s advanced features give it a strong position within its segment:

  • A larger build volume of ​​500 x 500 x 500mm.
  • A maximum print speed of 400mm/s. Click here to see the RMF500’s printing speed.
  • Independent dual extruder system (IDEX), for faster and more efficient printing. Click here to view the RMF500’s IDEX system.
  • Further improved printing accuracy.
  • Available for high-performance filaments.


For more information about the RMF500, or to get a demo to see it in action, please click here.

RMF500’s Printed Parts


MetalFuse is an end-to-end, fully integrated in-house printing ecosystem for metal 3D printing developed by Raise3D in collaboration with BASF Forward AM as material partner. Click here to watch a video of MetalFuse.


MetalFuse includes:

  • Forge1, the optimized desktop metal 3D printer.
  • D200-E, the catalytic debinding furnace.
  • S200-C, the sintering furnace.

MetalFuse solution


MetalFuse is the first fully integrated in-house printing ecosystem using Ultrafuse® metal filaments from BASF Forward AM. This end-to-end, fully integrated solution offers complete design freedom, enabling simpler, faster, safer, more cost-effective and greener end-to-end low-volume production of high-quality metal components.


For more information about MetalFuse, or get a demo to see MetalFuse in action, please click here.

Polished Samples


From September 12-17, 2022, visit Raise3D at booth 433137 at IMTS 2022 to learn about Raise3D’s latest industrial-grade 3D printers and solutions.



RMF500 intro video



MetalFuse intro video



RMF500’s IDEX system



RMF500’s printing speed