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RaiseTouch 1.4.3 with RaiseCloud Release Notes – E2 Only

Aug 14, 2020

Release notes – Exclusively for the E2
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

Download RaiseTouch 1.4.3 with RaiseCloud



New Features

1. Added “The gap setting between nozzle and print bed when Z axis is homing” setting.

You can set the distance between the nozzle and the print bed when Z axis is homing in “Settings> Machine>Hardware>Z Probe Offset>Z Home Gap“.

2. Added support for multiple-caliber nozzles in the offset calibration wizard.


1. Increased the Bed Leveling detection speed.

Greatly reduced the detection time of bed leveling. Taking the 63-point leveling as an example, the detection time is shortened to 30% of the original.


2. Optimized Bed Leveling.

(1)Moved settings related to Bed Leveling to “Utilities>Leveling>Bed-Leveling Settings”.

Clicked “Tools” icone to enter the bed-leveling settings page.


2)Clicked “Advanced” to configure advanced settings for Bed Leveling.


3. Optimized start-up wizard.

(1) The unboxing video and filament loading video are now in high-resolution.
(2) Added the offset calibration guide after the start-up wizard.


4. In Mirror Mode and Duplication Mode, added left and right nozzle height-deviation detection.

When the printer is under Mirror Mode and Duplication Mode, the height difference between left and right nozzle will be detected. The printer is unable to print unless the deviation is under 0.2mm.


5. In order to improve the accuracy of the offset calibration guide, when choosing the wavy line, you need to ignore the sequence of choosing first or second line. Because choosing the first and second line may cause bigger measuring error.


6. Added physical calibration when you modify the probe offset manually.

Added physical calibration when you modify the settings in “Settings> Machine>Hardware>Z Probe Offset”.


Bugs Fixed

1. Fixed the issue of the low probability that the filament won’t unload after automatic pre-extrusion.

2. Fixed the issue that the motion controller board failed to update online.

3. Fixed the issue that the Wi-Fi icon cannot be displayed after restarting when you manually add a network.

4. Fixed some interface display problems.

5. Fixed the issue that RaiseCloud might be offline after restarting the printer.

6. Fixed an issue that the default fan speed was modified from 30% to 0%.


Download RaiseTouch 1.4.3 with RaiseCloud