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ideaMaker 3.6.1 Release Notes

Jun 30, 2020

Release notes
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

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Slice Settings

1. Added “Auto” as new Layer Start Point Type.
When “Auto” is selected, ideaMaker will apply “Convex Corner” or “Reflex Corner” according to the Seam Hiding settings. If ideaMaker can’t find a suitable corner setting, a starting position will be selected close to Fixed Layer Start Point.

2. Added Raft Extruder, Support Extruder, Dense Support Extruder and Raft Gap settings in the Filament Settings.
When PVA is selected as the filament for Right Extruder, ideaMaker will apply the settings preset in Filament Settings of Support, Dense Support and Raft Extruder.

3. Added Extruder Temperature Settings under Per-Layer Settings.
Temperature Settings under Per-Layer Settings will be integrated into Temperature Control List. If two different temperature values are assigned to the same layer, the Per-Layer Settings will be prioritized.

For example, the temperature of the second layer is set to 200℃ in Temperature Control List, and the fifth layer is set to 210℃. Set the temperature of the third layer to the tenth layer to 220℃ in Per-Layer Settings. Then the actual second layer will be printed at 200℃; the third layer to the tenth layer will be printed at 220℃; layers above the tenth layer will be printed at 210℃.


User Interface

4. Displayed the overhangs in the models.
You can toggle the visibility of overhangs under the menu “View” > “Show Overhang”.
The “Overhang Angle” option in the Support tab can be used to detect which part of the model is overhanging.


5. Added standard shapes under the menu “File” > “Add Standard Primitives”.
You can easily add cube, sphere, and cylinder in ideaMaker.

6. Added options to select printer and filaments when importing .bin file, no matter the settings in .bin file is the same as the current settings in ideaMaker or not.

7. Added “Move” under “View” Mode and “Rotate” Mode.
With “Allow moving models in View and Rotate Mode” is enabled under “Preferences” > “Interface”, users will be able to move models freely under View Mode and Rotate Mode.

8. Optimized the “Scale” interface.
Separated the “Scale” interface from the “Move” interface.

9. Added more example models for Raise3D E2 printers.



1. Added a greeting message to Neotko’s Neosanding.
Added a thank-you message in 3.5.0 Beta Release Notes to express the appreciation from the developers to Neotko’s Neosanding, who is the inventor of “Ironing” feature.


Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the temperature issues of Sequential Print when “Insert Heatup GCode Automatically in Start GCode” is disabled.

2. Fixed the collisions between Coasting, Overhang Shells detection, and Bridging Detection.

3. Fixed the slicing issues when “Adaptive Infill” and “Adaptive Support” are enabled.

4. Fixed the first layer setting calculation error when “Slow Down First Few Layers” is 0.

5. Fixed the error of Z hop calculation.

6. Fixed the problem of some Solid Fill area calculation when “Gap Fill in Shells” is enabled.

7. Fixed the error when modifying the file name on touchscreen via remote control.

8. Fixed bugs of scaling when the model size is 0.

9. Fixed some languages issues.

10. Fixed some errors on the interface.



Download ideaMaker 3.6.1