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Our values

Our mission at Raise3D is to Raise The Standard of 3D printing and deliver quality without compromise.  Founded in our commitment to provide top performing machines, our products offer the best quality and capabilities at an unbeatable value.  Coupled with our unique features and our outstanding customer service, our mission aims to reimagine traditional manufacturing, and offer the most exceptional 3D printing experience.

Raise3D products are being used in a wide variety of fields including architecture, medical, dental, product design, manufacturing, education, costuming, model making, props, and more. With offices worldwide and experiencing 400% year-to-year growth, Raise3D is rapidly expanding and has become one of the fastest growing 3D Printing companies on earth.


What sets us apart

Our products

Everything starts with our products.  Our focus; to create a killer machine backed by the best software, features, and support staff.  
With the goal to create accurate, reliable, and versatile machines, Raise3D’s N-Series printers are designed to have the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With incredible precision and at an unbeatable value the N-Series printers are easy to use, built for quality, and effortless to maintain. Boasting enormous build volumes and essential features such as a battery backup for reliable production jobs, the N-Series printers are the sole choice for the professional user.


Our support

Serving thousands of happy users, our Raise3D support staff is knowledgeable, dependable, and easily accessible.  Located in-house and available online and over the phone, our team is ready to assist with basic questions to in depth adjustments.  Coupled with machines designed for ease of use and effortless maintenance, you can be sure that your printer will always be functioning at peak performance.


Our Reach
With a 400% year-to-year growth rate, Raise3D is quickly becoming the fastest growing 3D Printing company on earth.  With offices worldwide, and expansive reseller network, Raise3D is paving a way through the 3D Printing market and is guaranteed to withstand the test of time and continue innovating and supporting in the many years to come.


Our community

With a focus on machines designed for our users, our forum allows us to interact with the Raiser community to design machines with our customers purposes in mind.   In our thriving online community, customers and our experts communicate, share information, discuss printing, and offer valuable feedback to each other. By using this resource to assist our users and to continue innovating, we couple our strong community ties and our impressive machines with a goal to be the best FFF 3D Printer.

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