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A Comprehensive Guide to Metal 3D Printing: Opportunities and Limitations

Few innovations have captured the imagination of industries as profoundly as metal 3D printing in the additive manufacturing sector. A variety of industrial segments have utilized metal 3D printing to produce complex metal parts on demand. These industries include aerospace, defense and armory, medical, oil and gas, industrial and automotive. As the demand for lighter, stronger, and more intricately designed components increases, metal 3D printing has emerged as a game-changing solution.


This white paper is an in-depth exploration of metal 3D printing, delving mainly into 3 topics:


  • Positioning for metal 3D printing
  • Common technologies for metal 3D printing
  • Metal FFF workflow by MetalFuse solution

Raise3D’s MetalFuse solution offers a full in-house FFF metal printing process for manufacturers who require the internal production of metal parts. It makes metal 3D printing accessible to more manufacturers, even with varied demands and stages of development. Factories can boost their on-demand metal fabrication capacity with fewer investments in labor training, labor hours, setup, process integration and overall costs.