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Introducing 3D Print-it, Raise3D’s Sales Partner in Oostvleteren, Belgium

November 28, 2023

The company began its journey as a subsidiary of another company, driven by the need for a superior technique to manufacture intricate parts. They built their first 3D printer 14 years ago, and within six months, they had already expanded the number of 3D printers to five to guarantee efficient parts production.


Approximately eight years ago, the company ventured into selling 3D printers and filaments, and in the last three years, they have progressively focused on serving the industrial and educational sectors. As part of their commitment to this direction, they sought more industrial-grade devices, starting from 2022, but progressively found that within this segment Raise3D offered the best printers in terms of quality, user-friendliness, and price.

The company’s original goal was to fulfil custom orders manufacturing pieces on demand. “Due to the great demand from people, we also started selling 3D printers and accessories. Over the years we have sold various brands, but we have also converted existing printers to customer requirements. Thanks to our technical knowledge gained over the years and by adjusting and improving printers, we have already been able to point out problems to various manufacturers and suggest how to improve them. “

Today, the company has grown into a prominent player in the 3D printing industry. “We can help customers make the right choice of 3D printer according to their needs, help them install and start up the installation, provide training to personnel who need to work with it, provide technical support both on site and remotely and help them in case they don’t know which materials to use for a specific project.”

At 3D Print-it, their philosophy revolves around providing customers with a comprehensive solution that centralizes all their printing concerns. By offering a single point of contact, the company aims to address printing issues, technical inquiries regarding printers and material specifications, and consumables purchases.

Looking ahead, the company has ambitious objectives. They aspire to double their turnover annually, while also expanding their workforce by hiring additional salespeople and technicians over time.

In terms of their vision, 3D Print-it believes that the continual advancements in 3D printing technology are unlocking numerous opportunities across various industries. They anticipate that as industries become aware of the technical, financial, and user-friendly advantages offered by 3D printing, it will become an indispensable component of the manufacturing landscape.

You can find out more about 3D Print-it from their website.