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Introducing BFI Innovation GmbH, Raise3D’s Sales Partner in Germany

March 25, 2024

Based in Nuremberg, Germany, BFI Innovation GmbH was founded in 2014 by Helmut Hubrich and his son Christoph Hubrich.

BFI’s entry into industrial 3D printing went hand in hand with Raise3D, when in 2016, at the RapidTech trade fair in Erfurt, they found out about Raise3D and later that year, cooperation started.

Since then, BFI’s portfolio contains professional FFF and SLA 3D printers exclusively. As a full-service partner, BFI supports customers from consulting and sample printing to commissioning and training.


BFI Innovation has used the Forge1 to greatly simplify the implementation of Metal FFF 3D Printing. “It enables the cost-effective entry into the metal 3D printing,” they affirm.

Dual printing with ceramics, for example, is also possible with the Forge1, which also makes complicated parts possible. Ceramics are used as a support structure, and can easily be detached after the sintering process. BFI highlights how, in their experience, they have been able to achieve very good results with the Forge1, using 316L Stainless Steel together with ceramics. The resulting application possibilities are very diverse, and there are great advantages to other manufacturing processes, and thanks to the Forge1’s larger chamber, it can also process very brittle materials.

Overall, BFI has found a long list of benefits from using Raise3D’s metal-printing solution, namely design freedom to create objects with complex geometry, savings in both cost and time, less material loss during production, and a more streamlined and efficient ability to carry out prototyping and small batch production.