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Introducing FreeDee Printing Solutions, Raise3D’s Sales Partner in Hungary

September 09, 2023

Based in Budapest and established in 2012 by György Simó and Pál Honti, FreeDee Ltd. has evolved in tandem with the growing adoption of 3D technologies. It has emerged as a prominent Hungarian company, independent of brand affiliations, specializing in 3D printing and scanning. The company’s primary objective is to drive the proliferation of value-driven 3D technology applications within the Hungarian industrial landscape. This is achieved through the distribution of cost-effective, professional, and dependable 3D printers and scanners, underpinned by a strong commitment to knowledge dissemination. FreeDee offers comprehensive services spanning the realm of 3D technologies. Their contributions extend to educational efforts through the 3D Academy, while leveraging their seasoned team’s expertise to guide enterprises in adopting optimal solutions.



As previously noted, FreeDee Ltd. was founded by György Simó and Pál Honti. Over time, Pál Honti stepped back from the company, and György Simó joined forces with Tamás Soóky. Tamás Soóky had launched a Czech Republic-based enterprise with similar 3D printer and scanner distribution objectives around the same period as FreeDee. This collaboration led to the establishment of Admasys International Ltd., encompassing Admasys Slovakia, Admasys Romania, 3DWiser, and FreeDee, and serving four countries.

György Simó recognized 3D printing as a transformative technology akin to the internet’s impact, seeing it as a pivotal tool for a new era of personalized manufacturing, capable of both supplementing and diverging from mass production. Another pivotal aspect of the vision involved the digitization of the physical world and the art of 3D modeling.

The importance disseminating 3D printing

Given the novel nature of the technology, FreeDee placed paramount importance on disseminating technological knowledge from the outset. Since its inception, the company has maintained a dedicated blog centered on 3D technology. This blog remains active, consistently sharing local use cases and organizing regular conferences and industry gatherings. In 2016, FreeDee launched the country’s inaugural educational studio dedicated to 3D technology, aptly named the 3D Academy. Concurrently, they initiated the 3D Tech in Schools campaign, outfitting 21 Hungarian schools with 3D printers. This initiative also involved training over 100 educators in the technology and advocating for state-provided 3D printers in elementary and secondary schools.


The path to Raise3D

“We think that every customer, every need and every challenge is unique.” They claim. “Therefore, we aim to find the best value for money solutions in the market, stay brand-independent and not just offer the most suitable 3D printers and 3D scanners but rather complete solutions to our partners by adding consultancy, training and ongoing support.”

The consequence of this philosophy put them down the path of Raise3D. “This constant look for value-adding, affordable and professional solutions is what led us to Raise3D.”

As for the future of FreeDee, the objective is clear. “Our goal is to stay on top of the industry by constantly investing in our knowledge and expertise, and through that be the main go-to 3D tech partner of the regional companies.”

You can find out more about FreeDee from their website and LinkedIn page.