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Japan 3D Printer Co.,Ltd: Sales Partner in Japan

July 14, 2021

Since 2013, we have begun to enter the 3D printing industry. At that time, we thought that 3D printers would be as popular as computers in the future, so our company began to develop customer-oriented business. But two years later, we found that 3D printing is not as popular as expected. Because the 3D printing has certain technical thresholds, which is not suitable for being promoted among individual users. 3D printing technology involves more than just printing. It covers the front-end data design, printing and then back-end processing. Therefore, we believe that our company’s future development vision should shift to the promotion of 3D printing technology to enterprises.

So in 2015, our company has completely transformed from customer-oriented to enterprise-oriented. We focuses on 3D printing solutions and has expanded 3D scanning, Dfam data design, post-processing and other businesses. We firmly believe that the era of Industry 4.0 will come. The popularization and development of 3D printing technology will create unimaginable great value and changes for manufacturing.

As a provider of 3D printing technology, we can solve different problems for customers in different industries, which makes us proud of our work. Up to now, we have served more than 4,000 customers, not only from manufacturing industries such as automobiles, aerospace, electronic appliances, etc., but also from other industries such as film and television, medical care, entertainment, advertising, and construction. We regard 3D printing as a production technology and actively promote this advanced additive manufacturing technology to customers in all walks of life. We are happy to listen to the problems encountered by customers from all walks of life and help them solve them. This is an exciting thing to be a member of the 3D printing technology industry.

We believe that 3D printing technology has made up for the vacancy in small-batch customized production. Many R&D and production companies have to repeatedly entrust a third party to produce small batches of samples or repeated prototype verification before mass production. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, many factories have to shut down, which has caused the production cycle of R&D and production companies to prolong. What is more, it has disrupted the balance of continuous operation of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, many manufacturers are aware of the importance of product “internalization” in the R&D stage before mass production. They are optimistic about 3D printing technology to produce small batch products to meet R&D needs. The demand for 3D printing technology continues to expand.

3D printing technology has also played an important role in responding to this unprecedented COVID-19 epidemic. Without producing molds, 3D printing can help us quickly manufacture all kinds of medical and health products. We can see from various reports that major medical institutions or R&D companies have used 3D printing to produce face masks, mask holders, ventilator parts, etc. in small batches, which are widely used in medical staff groups. 3D printing has made a great contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. In the international context where the epidemic has not yet completely ended, companies should maintain a sober attitude and actively take advantage of the customized small-batch production of 3D printing to ensure a balance of revenue and expenditure. They should also prepare for the transition from the traditional manufacturing technology to 3D printing.