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Shop3D.ca: Sales Partner in Canada

January 28, 2021

In 2015, while working on marketing campaigns for an 3D Printing company, we discovered that the products we were advertising were not available in Canada despite local interest. We decided to take it upon ourselves to build a 3D Printing showroom experience like no other in Canada with all of the experience we have of marketing to the 3D Printing industry globally.

Everyone believed that a brick and mortar 3D Printing store was a suicide mission but we had a version to create one of the coolest 3D Printing showrooms in Canada. It took us 3 years to realize our dreams opening up our flagship showroom in Vancouver.  Now with our 2 very versatile showrooms, we’re able to impress the customers with the amount of demo machines we have as well as our functional facilities.

Innovation everyday is the norm. Our customers are innovating their use of the 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing equipment to their own applications.  We are able to drive innovation in our own services offerings so better suit our customer base.  It seems like every month we are improving ourselves with new knowledge that seemed far fetched a year ago.  This industry moves at an accelerated pace.

Interesting fact: our marketing manager and logistics manager were the first 2 customers to ever walk through our doors.

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, most business could not have predicted the disruption to the market. Looking forward, businesses will need to learn to be more open minded about what changes may come and how to react quicker and be more adaptive to changing situations. Our business remained calm, focused on our core strengths and innovated new ways to communicate with our customer base that was dealing with a very different situation.


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