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Can We Use Chat GPT to 3D Print on a Raise3D Pro3?

Duration: 8 minutes


In this exciting experiment, we explore the capabilities of Chat GPT, a language model developed by OpenAI, and see if we can use it to 3D print on a Raise3D Pro3. Using the Hyper FFF™ technology, we set out to create a functional 3D print based solely on the text code generated by Chat GPT.

What you will learn

Join us on this journey as we showcase the possibilities of language models and 3D printing. Whether you’re a language model enthusiast, a 3D printing enthusiast, or just curious about the intersection of these two fields, this video is for you!


Speaker: Nick Phalen, Technical Engineer at Raise3D

Language: English

Category: HyperFFF, Pro3 Series, Pro Tips

Industry: General

Expertise: Expert

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