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Raise Your Production to a Higher Level with Raise3D Printers – Introduction to the Raise3D Portfolio

October 5, 2022 | 11:00 - 12:00 CET
Price: Free


The CEO of 3DPrintaj, Nikola, will speak about the Raise3D brand and the 3D printers in their portfolio. He will also describe their experience with the Raise3D demo machine, which has been very positive so far.

What you will learn

Participants will learn about the Raise3D brand, and why is it so popular in Croatia. They will get familiar with different types of Raise3D printers and their applications. The CEO will speak briefly about the 3D printer’s functionalities and advantages for different production purposes. He will show a model 3D-printed on Raise3D printers.


Speaker: mag. ing. mech. Nikola Blažević

Language: Croatian

Category: Raise3D Cloud, ideaMaker, E2, E2CF, Pro2 Series, and Pro3 Series

Industry: General

Expertise: Beginner

This webinar has expired.

Brought to you by 3DPrintaj

The 3DPrintaj platform is a brand that brings together everything you need for 3D printing under its name. It was created by the company Mikrotvornica d.o.o., which has been engaged in 3D printing production since 2017, especially for the regional market.