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How to Apply Embedded Texture in ideaMaker

IdeaMaker Texture features an Embedded Texture option that supports the pairing of an image with model files. This feature is useful for 3D scanning projects where object geometry and surface color are captured and mapped together. An example of the file format for this type of model is .OBJ.

Applying an embedded texture is a simple procedure. First import the .OBJ file (ideaMaker 4.1.0 only support .OBJ,more image-embedded format will be supported in later version such as 3mf), then click “Texture” on the tool bar, thrn choose Embedded Texture from the pop-up menu. Since the image is already mapped within the .OBJ file, there is no need to adjust it. Once the embedded image is applied, ideaMaker will automatically generate a 3D texture according to the greyscale value contained within the colors of the image.


The user needs to provide accurate data for Embedded Texture. The data should include the .OBJ, image file (.JPG, for instance), and mapping information (.MTL, for example). ideaMaker currently only supports one image per model file at a time as an embedded texture. The documents of this example shown above in this article can be downloaded here.