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How to Apply ideaMaker Library Textures in ideaMaker

Texture in ideaMaker offers the ability to apply texture patterns to 3D-printed objects and the possibility to share textures with other 3D printer users. It is a straight-forward feature that both those with a more advanced design skill level and those who are starting to learn to design can efficiently use.


Wide-ranging Textures, Far-reaching Possibilities a Download away

ideaMaker Library Textures provides users with a large diversity of texture patterns, where users can not only download the texture patterns officially provided by ideaMaker for free but also get hundreds of texture patterns uploaded by other users.

Users can import textures from ideaMaker Library Textures to ideaMaker with one click, a very quick and easy process and allows users to load textures for the model in one step.

ideaMaker Library Textures also provides a texture-sharing platform for 3D printing enthusiasts. Users can share the textures and patterns they create to ideaMaker Library Textures, as well as the parameters and techniques for using them.


Quick One-Click Import

When adding textures to the model, select “Import from ideaMaker Library” to import textures from ideaMaker Library Textures with one click.

1. Select “More”, and then select “Import from ideaMaker Library”, to automatically be directed to the ideaMaker Library Textures page.


2. To search for the desired texture, type keywords such as the name, color, or author of the texture pattern into the search box. The texture page contains the name, an introduction, the author and description of the texture, as well as the parameter settings the author recommends for using it.


3. Click “Import to ideaMaker” on the texture page to import the template into ideaMaker with one click.


An Easy to Apply and Adapt the Texture

1. Keep your ideaMaker open and import the model.


2. Find the desired texture pattern in ideaMaker Library Textures and click the “Import to ideaMaker” button on that page.


3. Copy the link in the pop-up box, and then return to ideaMaker.


4. ideaMaker will remind you to download the texture. Follow the prompt.


5. You have successfully loaded the texture onto the model! You can adjust the parameters according to your needs to get the appearance you require.


One-Click Export, Share Your Ideas

If you have created a texture pattern you like, you can share the texture to ideaMaker Library Texture with one click in ideaMaker. You can also share the parameters on how to apply this texture pattern with other 3D printing enthusiasts.

1. Select the “+” in the Texture toolbar to import the local texture pattern you have drawn.


2. Select “More”, then select “Export to ideaMaker Library”.


3. ideaMaker will automatically redirect to the uploading interface in ideaMaker Library Texture, where you can edit the texture name, image, setting parameters and other information. Make sure to log into your ideaMaker Library account first.


You have now learned how to import textures form ideaMaker Library Textures, and how to upload your textures to share with other users.


It is time to get creative with the way you make models look and share your work with other 3D printing enthusiasts!


If you have any questions about the ideaMaker Library Textures, or want to inquire about ideaMaker related information, please feel free to contact inquiry@raise3d.com.