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How to Change a 3D Printer Air Filter on the Pro 2 Series

3D printer air filters are meant to capture any possible fumes released during the printing process. Changing the air filter of a 3D printer is important maintenance that protects a person’s health as well as helping the printer operate smoothly. Luckily changing the air filter of both the Raise3D Pro 2 and Pro2 Plus is simple.


Required Tools
-Phillips Screwdriver


1. Remove the screws that are marked with red boxes in the following two images. The left image shows the screws marked for removal on the Pro 2. The right image shoes the screws marked for removal on the Pro 2 Plus.

Pro2 and Pro2 Plus 3D-Printers


2. Hold the filter system with one hand and remove the four Phillips head screws from the back cover with the other hand.
The image below marks the location of which screws to remove from the Pro 2 and Pro 2 Plus in red.

3D Printer


3. Separate the filter system into a total of four parts. This will include the fan, filter cartridge, and two brackets.

Removing the 3D Printer Air Filter


4. Take the original filter cartridge out and install a new filter cartridge.
Face the black honeycomb side of the cartridge to the no label side of the fan. Use the two bracket frames to secure the filter cartridge and the fan.

Putting a New 3D Printer Air Filter into a Frame


5. Hold the filter system with one hand and install the four Phillips head screws with the other hand.
Face the tiny arrow on the label of the fan upwards. Be careful with the fan cable.

Replacing a 3D Printer Air Filter


6. Install the Phillips head screws of the back cover.



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