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How to Replace a 3D Printer Air Filter on the E2

This manual will show you how to change the air filter of your E2 Raise3D device. Changing the air filter is simple, routine maintenance that will extend the life of the 3D printer.


List of Tools Needed

  • 3D printer air filter


Replacing the Filter

1. To start, power off the machine.

2. Remove the old air filter. To do this, first, locate the filter in the back-left hand corner of the printer.

3. Then, use the white cloth tab to gently lift the filter by sliding this to the right. Note: To release the filter from the frame, the tab of the device must be pulled up first.

Use White Tab to Release 3D Printer Air Filter from Frame


Preparing the New Filter

1. To install the new filter, locate the white small cloth tab on the corner of the new filter. See the image below for your reference.

2. Then, simply insert the filter into the frame with the white cloth facing up and to the right

Locate Small White Tab on New 3D Printer Air Filter


Insert Air Filter into the Frame with the White Cloth Facing Up and to the Right



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