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How to Replace a 3D Printer Build Surface on Pro2 Series

Replacing the build surface on the Rasie3D Pro 2 Series 3D printers is a straight-forward process. The three main steps to replacing the build surface on the Pro 2 and Pro 2 Plus 3D printers are removing the build plate, cleaning the build surface, and reinstalling the build plate. While Raise3D generally recommends replacing the build surface every 3 months, however, this changes depending on how heavily it is used. Is it possible to give an idea of how often it is necessary to replace a build plate?


Required Tools


Removing the Build Plate

1. Remove the build plate from the printer. Once the build plate is removed from the printer, place it gently on a flat surface.

Raise 3D Build Surface

2. Securely hold the build plate with one hand while you peel back the used Raise3D build surface from the plate with the other hand.


Cleaning the Build Plate

3. Once the build plate is separated from the old build surface, check for any remaining glue. If there are any remnants of glue, scrape the build plate clean. Take extra care to not scratch or gouge the surface.

  •  If the glue is hard to remove with the scraper, reinstall the plate and set the bed temperature to 110℃. After 30 minutes try removing the glue again with the scraper.Raise 3D Build Surface Cleaning

Reinstalling the Build Plate

4. Remove the protective liner from the back of build surface and apply it to the build plate
Note: Scrape away any bubbles that form

Raise 3D Build Plate

5. Then reinstall the build plate. After the build plate is reinstalled, recalibrate the distance between the nozzle and build plate.

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