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How to Unbox the Pro2 Series 3D Printers

Setting up the Pro2 and Pro2 Plus 3D printers is a simple process. There are six main steps to unboxing a Pro2 Series 3D printer. Raise 3D provides a video covering the step by step process in addition to this step by step manual.


Contents inside packaging
-Hex head wrench set
-Quick Start Guide
-5 international power cords
-3D build plate
-Accessories box


Carefully remove its protective packaging

1. First, cut off the packaging straps.

Cut off packing straps for Pro2 Series


2. Slice the packing tape along the top of the box.


Slice Along Top Flaps and Open

3. Remove cardboard spacers and keep the provided hex wrench set and Quick Start Guide in a space place to reference later.

Remove Cardboard Spacers


4. Out of the 5 international power cords, select the appropriate one for your use.

5. Remove the rest of the packing materials and set aside the clear acrylic lid.

Recommendation: it may be useful to have a second person to help you remove the tall cardboard box from the printer.  

6. Lift your printer out of the lower half of the cardboard and foam packaging, placing it in a clean, safe area to continue setup.


Remove 3D Printer from Packaging


Preparing the 3D Printer

7. Locate and remove the four shipping zip ties, then peel off the four yellow stickers. Remove the 24 plastic security spacers by gently twisting each one.

8. Once these are removed, manually slide the print head to the back center. Select the largest hex bead wrench and remove the z-axis clamps on both sides.

9. Attach the power cord to the printer and turn on.


Once your Raise3D printer is turned on and booted up

10. When you see the home screen, push the Utilities option on the bottom navigation bar, select the Z-Axis Home then OK to move the z-axis origin.

11. Remove additional accessories that were shipped inside your 3D printer.

Use the spatula from the accessories box to remove the test print pattern from the plate before it is installed.

12. Install the printing plate on the z-axis platform and secure it with the locking knobs.


Installing Filament

13. Place filament spool holders on slots located behind the side door and place the first filament spool on the left.

14. Feed the filament up the guide tube.

15. Add the second filament spool to the right and feed filament up the right guide tube.

Note: the filament spools feed toward the center

16. Remove the temporary guideline and feed the filament into the print head.

17. Close door to filaments and get ready to print.


Creating a test print

18. Move the z-axis down 60 millimeters.


19. Push the load button.


20. Wait while your printer heats up to the proper extrusion temperature


Note: the temperature indicator will show when ready


21. Once ready, press the Load button.


22. Discard the stream of melted filament from the print head and press “OK.”


23. Place lid on the machine and remove any leftover plastic shipping film from the surfaces of your printer.


Selecting a print file

24. You can use a USB drive or connect wirelessly to load a sliced g-code image into your machine.


25. Select “Print” then select the file location to locate the file you wish to print.


26. Open the file and select “Print.”


27. After that, your printer is ready and will begin printing.


Ready to Print




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