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How to Update 3D Printer Firmware on the E2

This manual will show you how to update the motion controller firmware of your E2 Raise3D device. Follow the easy steps below to have the most of your 3D printer and provide a long-life and durable device.


List of Tools Needed


1. To start, you will need to download the latest version of the “Motion Controller Firmware”. To do this, access Raise3D’s Official website/Support Center/Download Center.


2. Save the “Motion Controller Firmware” file in the root directory of the USB drive. Note: Please do not change the name of the downloaded firmware file; otherwise the process of updating this will fail).


3. Insert the USB drive into the USB interface at the top side of the 3D printer. Note: The USB drive comes attached with the E2 3D printer). To access directly to download the latest firmware file, please access https://www.raise3d.cn/download/


4. Click the “Setting” icon in the upper right corner of the “Home” page.

Raise3D Home Page


5. Next, click the “Print” icon in the bottom right corner of the “Home” page of your touch screen to start the process. Check the images below for a reference on these steps.

Click on Print icon


6. Click the “USB Storage” icon on your screen

Click on USB Storage


7. Click the currently inserted “USB” device icon that appears on your screen

Click the USB Icon on the Print Screen for the E2


8. Next, proceed to click the downloaded new version of the “Motion Controller Firmware” in the root directory folder

Download the Motion Controlled Firmware


9. Click the “Restart” button in the “Machine” interface still under “Settings” and click on “Restart”

Click the Restart Icon



10. After restarting the device, the 3D printer will automatically recognize the “Firmware” update package located in the USB drive. Then click on “Install”

Rasie3D Firmware Update


11. Next, click the “Firmware Installation Package” you want to install from the “Raisepack” list. Note: If you downloaded the wrong model firmware, this option in the list will appear in gray and cannot be clicked

Firmware Installation Package


12. Go ahead and click “Yes” when the pop-up dialog box appears. And confirm that you wish to install the version selected

Click Yes


13. At this point, the 3D printer will start the Firmware installation process automatically

Starting Firmware Update Process


14. After the Firmware update is completed, a message in your screen will appear with “Please restart the printer to update the firmware”. This means that the Motion Controller Firmware has been updated successfully as it appears on the image below

Restart 3D Printer to Update Firmware


15. Next, manually you will need to turn off the printer power, and then turn on again the device after counting 30 seconds.
-Note: The 3D printer’s “Power” switch is located next to the power cable on the backside of the 3D printer as it appears on the image below)

Turn Off E2 Desktop 3D Printer


16. Once your device is turned on again, the screen will automatically display the “Home” page

Home Page


17. Then, click the “Setting” icon in the upper right corner of the “Home” page

Click on Settings on Top Right Hand Corner


18. Then finally, make sure to confirm the version number of the updated “Motion Controller Firmware”. under the “Machine” tab

Check Updated Motion Controller Firmware Number




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