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How to Use ideaMaker with RaiseCloud

Using ideaMaker and RaiseCloud is a fast and efficient way of creating an optimized workflow for creating 3D prints.  This streamlined process makes printing easy, whether you’re sending jobs to one printer, or a thousand. Production-grade 3D printing is easy to implement when you combine the simplicity and power of the ideaMaker Slicer and RaiseCloud printing management.


What is ideaMaker?

The Raise3D ideaMaker software is our free slicing program that converts 3D files into printable designs. With ideaMaker, you can import your 3D models, and select the printing parameters that you want.  ideaMaker will then automatically ‘slice’ this file into layers and save as a GCODE file which will be used as the instructions to print your model.


What is RaiseCloud?

RaiseCloud is an online print management network.  With RaiseCloud,  you have total control in managing your 3D printers from wherever you are.  With the RaiseCloud interface, you can monitor your print jobs with up-to-date stats and live printer feeds, as well as have powerful scheduling and workflow features to manage a team of people and multiple printers – and more.
This makes large scale production jobs even easier than before, and best of all – it’s completely free.


Optimizing your 3D Printing Workflow with RaiseCloud

In this guide, we will guide you through the steps to get your ideaMaker files into the RaiseCloud interface.  This is assuming you have some experience using the ideaMaker program.  If you would like to learn more about using ideaMaker, we recommend visiting the “Getting Started with ideaMaker” Blog, or our ideaMaker Basics video.


Before you get started:

In this guide, we will be highlighting the latest features in ideaMaker that make it directly compatible with RaiseCloud.  Before you get started with this guide, make sure that you are on the latest version of ideaMaker (3.6.0 or later), and that you have created a RaiseCloud Account and connected it with your printers.

ideaMaker Download 

RaiseCloud Homepage


Step by Step Instructions for Pairing ideaMaker with RaiseCloud

1. To prepare a file, start by opening the ideaMaker, and import your model.  You can import a .stl, .obj, or .3mf file by using the ‘import model’ button, or by dragging and dropping the file into the workspace.  Once loaded, make any necessary adjustments to your model based on your printing preferences.


2. When you’re ready to print, click the “Prepare Slice” button on the left side of the software interface. In this menu, select the slicing parameters that you would like to use for this print.


3. Click “Slice” to begin slicing your file.


4. After slicing is completed, you can preview your slice result.  If your file appears correct, you can now upload it to RaiseCloud.  In the menu, click the drop-down arrow next to “Upload” and select “Upload to RaiseCloud”.


5. You will be prompted to log in to your RaiseCloud account with your existing username and password. After you successfully log in, you will begin to see the progress of the file upload in the upload queue ideaMaker interface.


6. When the file is completed, click the RaiseCloud icon on the side of the file upload to enter RaiseCloud’s printing menu.
Here you can send this uploaded file directly to one or more of your printers. For example, you can select an individual printer, a group of specific printers, or you can send your file to all your available printers for the most efficient mass-production workflow.


Step 7 Once you’ve selected the printers you want to use, click the “Start Print Now” button. The selected printers will automatically start the printing process. 


RaiseCloud is a wide range of powerful features that help optimize the 3D printing process and customize it to your business. Execute print jobs, monitor progress during printing, schedule tasks with team members, and more.




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