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Skirt and Brim: How to Set Them Up in ideaMaker

Note: This blog is originally written in Italian by Raise3D’s client 3dingrolab:


The basic parameters


In this article, Raise3D would like to explain how to correctly set the Brim and Skirt in ideaMaker. To do this correctly, users need to be familiar each parameter to understand exactly how and where they act.

Meanwhile, we will briefly explain what Skirt and Brim are.

Let’s start with the first one:

Skirt: This keeps the nozzle under pressure, i.e., it is completely loaded with material so it can print the layers without holes or gaps. To do this, ideaMaker, like many other Slicers, allows users to activate this setting, creating a certain amount of laid down material, usually lines, around the object, before moving on to printing the first layer.

Brim: Very similar to Skirt, with the difference that the material laid down around the object is completely attached to the first layer. The difference is that the Brim increases the adhesion of the first layer to the print bed. The small disadvantage is that it being in contact with the object means it must be removed later manually.

Both settings can be found by going to the ‘Platform Additions’ tab, and clicking on the drop-down menu allows users to choose all the various combinations of Raft, Brim and Skirt.


Analysing the Skirt:


1 Skirt/Brim Extruder

This parameter can only be used in 3D printers with at least two extruders, as it allows users to choose which extruder users want to print the Skirt with.


2 Skirt/Brim Speeds

As users may have already guessed, this parameter indicates at what speed users want to print the Skirt/Brim. It is recommended to leave the value suggested by ideaMaker set, or always a very low value.


3 Minimum Length Skirt/Brim

This parameter allows users to set a minimum amount of Brim to be printed (especially for small objects).

In essence, users tell ideaMaker that for any object users print, users want the total length of the Brim to be at least X mm. If the object requires a smaller Brim than the set value, ideaMaker will add one or more Brim parameters until the set minimum value is reached.

By setting this parameter to zero, users can print a Brim for any large or small object with the number of turns users have set.


4 Skirt Lines

This parameter allows users to set how many lines of Skirt/Brim users want to print. When using Brim, a good number of lines helps to increase the adhesion of the part to the print bed, whereas when using Skirt, one or two lines are sufficient.


5 Skirt Distance from the Model

This parameter allows users to set the distance between the model and Skirt parameters. This parameter is what differentiates the Brim from the Skirt. That is, if users set this value to zero, users are essentially printing a Brim, and if a value greater than zero is set, then a Skirt is printed. The difference is precisely the distance between the Brim and the Skirt, which determines the type of function users may wish to enable.


6 Skirt – Print Outer Shell before Inner Shell in the First Layer

By ticking this box, users will print the outer parameters of the skirt first, and going toward the inner ones, otherwise they will be printed in the opposite order.

This blog is shared by Raise3D’s client – 3dingrolab from Italy.