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The Best 3D Printer Designed For All Businesses

3D printers are becoming a more common piece of machinery within manufacturing and R&D. Investing in a 3D printer is quickly becoming an immediate necessity for more businesses. Businesses of any size can speed up production, prototyping, and manufacturing while creating the exact parts and components they need while cutting operating costs by incorporating 3D printing into their operations.

For companies to receive the full benefits of 3D printing, they need to invest in a 3D printer designed to be used by businesses. Purchasing a 3D printer is an important investment. Knowing which 3D printer is the right one for your business involves:

  1. Knowing the budget for the 3D printer
  2. Understanding what kind of projects the 3D printer will be used for
  3. How easily the 3D printer can be implemented into the company

Raise3D understands that different businesses have different operational needs and resources. Therefore, we designed all our 3D printers with all businesses in mind. A 3D printer from Raise3D has a range of features and capabilities, prints efficiently, processes a range of 3D printing material and produces high-quality 3D printed parts.

Situations of Micro and Small Businesses Compared to Medium and Large Businesses

Micro and small businesses generally operate with a stricter budget which can be a limiting factor. Therefore, they must be more cautious and concerned about effectively distributing their budget. However, medium and large businesses generally operate with a larger budget, which gives them the option to invest in more expensive printers, such as a metal 3D printer, that can cost upwards of $500,000.

While medium and large businesses do not face budget limitations to the same degree that micro or small businesses do, medium and large organizations face other obstacles. For example, not all engineers or departments within the organization get access to the company’s most advanced equipment, like a metal 3D printer. There will be a capacity limitation for those who do receive access to expensive equipment like a metal 3D printer.

Different business sizes face different limitations. A 3D printer designed to be used for business operations can address each kind of business limitation for businesses of all sizes.

Raise3D Products

An Affordable 3D Printer Benefits Businesses of All Sizes

A 3D printer intended for business will produce high-quality 3D printed parts. In general, a printer’s ability to produce high-quality 3D printed parts will result in a more expensive printer. However, a business’ size and amount of resources directly affects what type of 3D printer they can purchase.

For example, small and micro businesses have stricter budgets, so they need a 3D printer that is high quality but affordable. Meanwhile medium and large businesses have bigger budgets, but they can’t distribute enough expensive machinery (such as an expensive 3D printer) for everyone to use in the company. A more affordable high-quality 3d printer would give medium and large businesses the ability to meet their operational demand for accessibility. A 3D printer designed to be used by businesses can produce high-quality 3D printed parts at a price that is affordable for businesses. What constitutes an affordable 3D printer to a business will depend on the size of the business.

For a medium and large business, there are situations where an engineer’s prints can be executed by a 3D printer that is not so expensive to operate. For example, if the engineer needs to print a part that can be produced on the Pro2 dual extruder 3D printer, it will only cost a few dollars. In this situation, it does not make economic sense to use a million-dollar 3D printer to produce a part that can be done on a less expensive printer.

Other times, even though the company’s expensive 3D printer is ultimately needed to produce the 3D printed part, the part’s design may still need to be verified. In this situation, it makes more sense to verify the part’s design on a more cost-effective 3D printer before producing it on the expensive 3D printer.

3D printers that are priced affordably for businesses are also easier to implement across an organization. Due to the high cost of the initial sales price and maintenance of expensive 3D printers, expensive 3D printers are usually kept in an organization’s central location and run by specialists. However, a 3D printer that is affordably priced for businesses is more likely to be scattered across different departments, offices, locations, and run by multiple professionals ranging from engineers to designers.

Finally, due to the affordability of a 3D printer designed for business, departments are usually able to purchase a 3D printer with its budget. This shows that micro and small businesses are easily able to afford a 3D printer because a department’s budget is usually much smaller than the total budget of micro and small businesses.

3D Printers from Raise3D Are Designed For All Businesses

A 3D printer designed for business needs to have a variety of features and capabilities, produce high-quality 3D printed parts, and process different kinds of 3D printing materials for all current and future projects at an affordable price for businesses of all types and sizes. Raise3D offers a range of 3D printers with a variety of features and specialized capabilities, designed with all businesses and budgets in mind.

Raise3D range of printers includes:

  1. E2, a desktop 3D printer priced at $3,499
  2. Pro2, a dual extruder 3D printer priced at $3,999
  3. Pro2 Plus, a large-format 3D printer priced at $5,999


E2 Desktop 3D Printer

E2 Desktop 3D Printer

One feature all 3D printers from Raise3D have is the ability to connect to RaiseCloud. RaiseCloud is a cloud-based 3D printing management platform that is convenient for all businesses. RaiseCloud connects to a camera allowing the user to monitor the printing process remotely from a phone. RaiseCloud manages the printing projects to keep teams synchronized and any number of 3D printing projects on track. The ability to manage and monitor printing makes the team and ultimately business more productive and efficient.

RaiseCloud on Phone

RaiseCloud on Phone

Another feature all printers from Raise3D have are preventative measures to pause the print job in the event of a power outage or if the 3D printing material, also known as a filament, runs out.

For more details about 3D printers from Raise3D click here.

Why Raise3D Printers Are the Best 3D Printers For Any Business

For a $10,000 budget, a business has a couple of different printer purchasing options available. A business can purchase one Pro2 Plus large format 3D printer or two Pro2 or E2 3D printers for increased productivity. This purchase will still leave room in the budget for 3D printer accessories, parts, and filament.


Pro2 Plus Large Format 3D Printer

Pro2 Plus Large Format 3D Printer

In general, Raise3D E2, Pro2, Pro2 Plus 3D printers are the best 3D printers for micro and small businesses for several reasons. A 3D printer designed for business from Raise3D has many features for a variety of different capabilities, including the ability to process more than one filament for any kind of current or future project. 3D printers from Raise3D produce high-quality 3D printed parts, and fit into a micro and small business’ budget.

Pro2 Dual Extruder 3D Printer

Pro2 Dual Extruder 3D Printer

For medium and large businesses, the E2, Pro2, and Pro2 Plus from Raise3D are still the best 3D printer options, even though there are other more expensive 3D printers designed for other purposes. For medium and large businesses, it is more important to work the budget carefully across different equipment and technologies. For example, if a business has a $1 million budget, should the business spend it all on a single 3D printer or invest in 200 or more Pro2 dual extruder 3D printers? The answer is not absolute. A business can deploy 200+ Pro2 3D printers across the entire R&D team nationally or even globally. This will ensure the business’ entire R&D team will be able to get adequate access to 3D printing and improve a variety of business operations. This includes but not limited to increasing productivity while reducing cost, shorten the product’s R&D period, accelerate production, maximize the potential of the R&D team, and more. However, when it is necessary, it is a good idea for a business to invest in metal 3D printing as well.

Adopting 3D printers into business operations is becoming more common. Since each business has its own project needs, it is important to determine what kind of 3D printers will be worth the investment. 3D printers designed for business operations produce high quality 3D printed parts while remaining affordable. They improve efficiency and productivity while creating complex designs, prototypes and new parts in a shorter period of time.

All of Raise3D printers are designed to be used for business operations with specialized features and capabilities for any project.  Raise3D printers will improve operations and productivity in the short and long term for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today for more information on how a 3D printer from Raise3D can improve your business and schedule a demo today.