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What is a Slicing File?

Why Is It Important to Slice a Model?

  1. Generally speaking, slicing means converting the 3D model file into a machine language that can be recognized by the printer, and the printer can only print successfully after recognizing this machine language. This machine language is called the G-Code file.
  2. G-Code is the most widely used computer numerical control (CNC) programming language, which is used to control automated machine tools. G-Code stands for “geometric code”. It controls the movement of the nozzle through alphanumeric combinations.
  3. Visually speaking, your 3D model will be converted into countless layers, and the printer will accumulate the filament layer by layer. It looks like slicing the model into countless layers.

    Model layers after slicing

    Figure 1 Model layers after slicing

What is a Slicing File?

The slicing file is a file generated in the slicing software after adjusting the model parameters according to your printing needs. This slice file contains model-related settings (such as layer height, platform additions, support, etc.), as well as printer and nozzle settings. The slice file can be recognized and printed on a 3D printer. The general slice file format is .gcode, and ideaMaker will also generate special file in the .idea format.

3D Model File Types that can be Imported into ideaMaker:

  • Stereolithography (.STL)
  • Wavefront OBJ (.OBJ)
  • 3D Manufacturing File (.3MF)
  • OLT Printing File(.OLTP)

File Types that Will Be Exported from ideaMaker:

  • Printing File (.GCODE)
  • ideaMaker Date File (.DATA)