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Which 3D Model File Types Can be Used in ideaMaker?

3D model file types that can be imported into ideaMaker:

  1. Stereolithography (.STL)
    Stereolithography (SLA or SL; also known as stereolithography apparatus, optical fabrication, photo-solidification, or resin printing) was developed by 3D SYSTEMS in 1988. It is a three-dimensional graphics file format that serves rapid prototyping manufacturing technology.
  2. Wavefront OBJ (.OBJ)
    OBJ (or .OBJ) is a geometry definition file format developed by Wavefront Technologies for its advanced Visualizer animation package. The file format is open and has been adopted by other 3D graphics application vendors.
  3. 3D Manufacturing File (.3MF)
    3D Manufacturing File is an open source file format standard developed and published by 3MF Consortium. 3MF is an XML-based data format specifically for additive manufacturing. It includes information about materials, colors, and other information that cannot be expressed in STL format.
  4. OLT Printing File(.OLTP)

Exported File Formats:

The following file types can be exported to ideaMaker:

  1. Printing File (.GCODE)
    .GCODE is the most widely used Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming language.
  2. ideaMaker data File (.DATA)
    It includes models’ thumbnail image and slicing settings.

Other Formats Supported:

  1. ideaMaker Slicing Template (.BIN)
    It includes slice settings such as printing speed, nozzle temperature, retraction printer profile, filament profile, group and layer settings, and more.
  2. ideaMaker Printer Template (.PRINTER)
    It includes the printer size, nozzle diameter and other printer-related settings.
  3. ideaMaker Filament Template (.FILAMENT)
    It includes filament’s flow rate, the filament’s diameter and other filament-related settings.
  4. ideaMaker Project File (.IDEA)
    It includes models’ manual support, modifiers, group and layer settings, model basic information, and other slicing settings. With ideaMaker 4.0, you can import the slice template saved in the project file.