Creating Lifelike Scale Models with 3D Printing

SEP 5, 2019


Miniro, a company in South Korea, is using the world-class precision of Raise3D printers to create miniature models for collectors, as well as for families that want to pay their respects to deceased ancestors. The detailed precision of Raise3D printers has given them the ability to print exceedingly intricate models that reflect everyday life, at exceptionally small scales.

For these people, having accurate representations of everyday life is an essential part of honoring their ancestors and encouraging their progeny to do the same. Raise3D printers are able to use modern technology to faithfully recreate these objects in ways other 3D printers can’t, creating a virtual realism within printed models that appeals to the traditional aspects of Korean culture.



Before using Raise3D’s printers, Miniro wasn’t able to accurately print at such a small scale. Continuous frustration with other 3D printers resulted in them abandoning the growing technology for micro molding. Yet, the process of micro molding requires intensive labor and has limited manufacturing flexibility, preventing efficient workflow.

Because micro molding was time-consuming and unable to meet their production needs, customer service suffered and left them with limited options. However, like countless of our other customers, Miniro discovered the power of Raise3D’s FFF(Fused Filament Fabrication) printers and their power to transform manufacturing at all levels. This transformation comes from industrial grade printers, an ever-expanding selection of filaments, precision extruders, and free services.



By using reliable 3D printers, Miniro’s workflow improved, which gave their designers more time creating lifelike products and less time worrying about technical printing issues.



With Raise3D you can reliably create models of any size, either for prototyping or end-use parts. 3D printing gives you the opportunity to expand your creativity and implement new ideas into design and manufacturing.

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