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Revolutionizing College Security with Raise3D Printers: A Success Story

Oct 26, 2023

Guy Plouffe is the co-founder of BunkTrunk, a company that manufactures innovative storage devices for college students. Plouffe and his wife embarked on their entrepreneurial journey five years ago when they started their company. Their inspiration came from their daughter’s college experience. Like many parents, Plouffe was concerned about the security of his daughter’s belongings in a shared college dorm. He wanted to create a storage solution that not only kept valuables safe but also provided a study area and a nightstand. Thus, the idea for BunkTrunk was born. The bunk sits right above the bed, making use of space that is already cramped in a college dorm room.

Plouffe and his wife founded BunkTrunk, a company that manufactures innovative storage devices for college students.


Raise3D Assisted in Perfecting the Locking Mechanism

One of the critical components of BunkTrunk’s storage device is the locking mechanism. It needed to be secure and durable, ensuring the safety of the stored items. However, achieving the perfect design for this component was no easy task. Plouffe went through numerous iterations, trying to get it just right. Traditional manufacturing methods were out of the question due to cost constraints.

Plouffe turned to 3D printing to prototype and produce the locking mechanism. He started with a desktop 3D printer but soon realized he needed something more reliable and consistent. That’s when he discovered Raise3D printers. The robust, high-end machines offered the precision and reliability he needed to produce high-quality locking mechanisms consistently.

The locking mechanism needed to be secure and durable, and Plouffe turned to 3D printing to prototype and produce the locking mechanism.


Reliability of Raise3D Printers at the Forefront of Production

Plouffe’s experience with Raise3D printers has been nothing short of remarkable. With the Pro2 Plus, and using PETG filament, he emphasized that these printers are incredibly robust and reliable. Over the past two and a half years, he has produced between 500 and 1,000 units annually, and Raise3D printers have consistently delivered outstanding results.

One of the standout features for Plouffe is the ease of use of Raise3D products. He uses RaiseCloud to manage his prints efficiently. Whether he’s at work or on the go, Plouffe can monitor the progress of his prints and receive notifications when they’re done. This convenience allows him to focus on other aspects of his business while knowing that his 3D printer is hard at work.


Raise3D printers are renowned for their robust construction and unmatched reliability. For Plouffe, the solid build and consistent performance of Raise3D printers have been game-changers in his manufacturing process. Raise3D printers are engineered with quality and durability in mind. Their sturdy construction ensures stability during printing, reducing the risk of errors due to machine vibrations or wobbling.

Knowing that his Raise3D printer will perform reliably every time Plouffe starts a print job provides peace of mind. He can trust that the printer will meet his production needs without unexpected hiccups.

“I couldn’t do what I’m doing without the printer,” he said. “When I start a job, I know I can pick it up in a day, two days, whatever, and it’s going to be finished. I want to say I’ve had less than ten failed prints over the two and a half, three years that I’ve had it. And half of those were designed where I should have had supports and I didn’t.”


Raise3D Cloud online software Allows for Easy Monitoring

Raise3D products are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making 3D printing accessible to both beginners and experienced users. Plouffe appreciates this aspect and the convenience of monitoring his prints remotely:

Raise3D’s RaiseCloud platform offers a powerful set of tools for monitoring and managing 3D prints. Plouffe can keep tabs on his prints in real-time, receive notifications when prints are complete, and even initiate new print jobs remotely. This level of accessibility allows him to multitask and efficiently oversee his printing operations. The ability to monitor prints remotely is a significant advantage, especially for busy professionals like Plouffe. He can check on print progress, troubleshoot issues, and plan his workflow without being physically present near the printer.

Raise3D’s RaiseCloud platform offers a powerful set of tools for monitoring and managing 3D prints.


Hyper FFF™ Upgrade is a Game-Changer for Plouffe

Efficiency is a cornerstone of success in manufacturing, and Raise3D printers excel in this aspect. Plouffe has experienced a substantial reduction in production time. Raise3D printers are known for their impressive printing speeds without compromising on print quality. This means that Plouffe can produce more components in less time, meeting customer demands faster than ever before.

The Hyper FFF™ upgrade left him astounded. Upon integrating the Hyper technology into his Raise3D printer, Guy experienced a significant boost in production speed. The Hyper upgrade drastically reduced the time required for each print job, bringing it down to a mere fraction of what it used to be.

Raise3D’s Hyper FFF™ Upgrade is a Game-Changer for Plouffe


“This past spring, when I noticed that you had the technology, I fell off my chair,” he said. “So I immediately did the upgrade. So instead of printing for a month and change, it’s like two weeks. It let me actually get started further in the year.”

What was once a month-long production cycle has now been condensed to just two weeks. This remarkable acceleration not only enhances efficiency but also positions BunkTrunk as a more agile and responsive player in the market. The Hyper FFF™ upgrade exemplifies Raise3D’s commitment to staying at the forefront of 3D printing technology, providing its users with the tools to revolutionize their manufacturing processes. Guy’s experience showcases how this innovation can have a profound impact on small businesses like BunkTrunk, enabling them to meet customer demands more swiftly and stay competitive in a dynamic industry.

Remarkable acceleration enhances efficiency and positions BunkTrunk as a more agile and responsive player in the market.


Guy Plouffe’s journey with Raise3D printers showcases how innovation and reliable technology can transform small businesses like BunkTrunk, enabling them to thrive in dynamic markets.

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