A filament for end-use and functional applications

PA12 CF is a Polyamide 12 (PA12,Nylon12)-based 3D printing filament, reinforced with Carbon Fiber. Carbon fiber enhances Nylon’s stiffness, strength, rigidity, shrink ratio, and surface quality, as well as improving chemical and thermal resistance.

  • Outstanding stiffness and strength
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • High hardness
  • Less warp and water uptake

Compatibility: PA12 CF Support, Premium PVA+

Please note, carbon fiber reinforced filament is abrasive and can wear out brass nozzles quickly. It is suggested to print carbon fiber filament with hardened nozzle.

Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Filament



  • Metal substitute
  • End-use part and tooling
  • Functional parts
  • Manufacture aids

Material Performance

Printing Guide

Recommended Print Settings

Nozzle temperature (°C)
Bed temperature (°C)
Layer height (mm)
0.1-0.25 mm
Printing speed (mm/s)
35-90 mm/s
Cooling fan
Drying temperature (°C)

Printing Notifications:

  • Dry the PA12 CF filament before printing.
  • Use glue stick and turn off cooling fan for improving the first layer adhesion.
  • Set nozzle temperature higher for thin-wall geometry to improve better interlayer bonding and mechanical property.

For Raise3D Printer Users:

Choose the best 3D printer to start your printing journey with PA12 CF. Find E2CF.

For ideaMaker Users:

The printing profile for PA12 CF will be available soon on ideaMaker IO. Please download the latest version of ideaMaker.


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