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Hyper Speed ABS 

A versatile and multi-purpose material

Hyper Speed ABS filament is specifically designed to be used with the Hyper FFF® solution from the Hyper Speed filament line. When printing at high speeds, the regular ABS filament is rapidly fed into the heat block, and the polymer has very little time to go from a solid to a molten state, which can cause nozzle clogging and poor bonding quality between layers. Additionally, the regular ABS filament can be subject to warpage and delamination of the printed part during high-speed printing without a heated chamber.

With optimized molecular weight and stiffness, Hyper Speed ABS filament is capable of printing at the speed of up to 300 mm/s thanks to its faster melting and homogenous cooling, which results in a lower temperature gradient and lower inner stress of printed part. Hyper Speed ABS filament exhibits superior heat resistance compared to Hyper Speed ABS filament. With almost no warpage and improved interlayer bonding, Hyper Speed ABS filament is also perfectly suitable for many functional prototyping parts, tools and fittings with many different possibilities for post-processing and finishing methods (e.g., polishing and acetone vapor smoothing).

  • High Speed FFF printing
  • Warp-free parts
  • Improved interlayer bonding
  • Heat resistance up to 77°C (HDT@0.45 MPa)
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Higher dimensional stability
  • Ready for polishing and acetone vapor smoothing




1 kg Filament: Raise3D Pro3 HS Series/ Raise3D RMF500/ Raise3D Pro3 Series with Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit/ Raise3D Pro2 Series with Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit

2.5 kg Filament: Raise3D RMF500

Raise3D Hyper Speed ABS FilamentRaise3D Hyper Speed ABS Filament 1 kg

Raise3D Hyper Speed ABS Filament 2.5 kg

*For demonstration purposes only. Raise3D Hyper Speed ABS Filament 2.5 kg was designed to be used while inside the sealed bag, so please do not unseal it.



  • Prototyping and design
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • Manufacturing aids
  • End-use parts
  • Housings and enclosures


  • High Speed Printing
  • Easy Post-processing
  • Easy to Print

Benefits for 2.5kg Filament

  • Uninterrupted long-term batch printing
  • Continuous printing for large models
  • Simplified operation with less filament change
  • Filament bag keeps the filament dry

Raise3D Hyper Speed ABS Filament Benefits

Printing Guide

Recommended Print Settings

Nozzle Temperature Icon
Nozzle temperature (°C)
Bed Temperature Icon
Build platform temperature (°C)
Layer Height Icon
Layer height (mm)
0.15-0.2 mm
Printing Speed Icon
Printing speed (mm/s)
50-300 mm/s
Cooling Fan Icon
Cooling fan
Drying Temperature Icon
Drying temperature (°C)

Printing Notifications:

  • It is recommended to close the printer door and top cover during the printing process to minimize surface defects resulting from heat dissipation.
  • For better bed adhesion and less chance of part warpage, adding a brim or raft is recommended.

For Raise3D Printer Users:

Choose the best 3D printer to start your printing journey with Raise3D Hyper Speed ABS. Find Pro3 Series, RMF500.

For ideaMaker Users:

Download the latest version of ideaMaker.

Hyper Speed ABS

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