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A New Filament Page to Help Users in Their Printing Process, from Start to Finish

Dec 7, 2020

A New Filament Page to Help Users in Their Printing Process, from Start to Finish

Raise3D has not only been focusing on manufacturing products that meet industry expectations with increasing standards, but also on creating workflows focused on offering a satisfactory and effortless user experience.


In the past months, this has been noticeable through the implementation of ideaMaker as the centre of the Raise3D ecosystem. But the effort to assist customers in their printing process goes beyond products: Raise3D has now launched a filament page that aims to provide users with detailed, high-level information that helps them make the best choices for their specific needs.


This new filament page offers a wide choice of 3D printing materials, including not only Raise3D filaments, but also those of their Open Filament Program. The user can select a usage scenario and purpose of their print, and they will be shown which filament is the most suitable, as well as its information and specifications.


Once the user has selected their recommended filament, they can then find the most suitable Raise3D printer to print that specific material. We expect this information to be valuable for customers already using Raise3D printers for production.


The last step the user is guided through is getting the slicing profile for their selection of filament and printer. This is offered through ideaMaker Library, where the slicing profile is provided and allows the user to automatically set the printing parameters and let the model be printed smoothly.


With the implementation of the Filament page, Raise3D is helping customers through the process of making the right material choices, which is a critical step to the success of a 3D print, and ultimately supporting them in their printing process from beginning to end.


Learn more about our Filaments page here.