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ideaMaker 4.0.1 Release Notes

Nov 23, 2020

Release notes
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

Download ideaMaker 4.0.1


Slice Settings

1. Added “Avoid Retraction at Start” option to enable/disable a retraction when extruder finishes the Start GCode and travels toward the models.


User Interface

1. Added support to save the last viewed tab in Advanced Settings.

ideaMaker will immediately direct the user to the same tab upon opening the Advanced Settings under the same project.

2. Added “Maximum Frame Rate” option under “Preferences” to set FPS for model display in ideaMaker. Also added GCode preview to avoid low 3D FPS issues in some operating systems.

3. Added “Show in Folder” option to be selected when exporting files, as well as the option to choose whether to show this dialogue the next time it is selected.


GCode Preview

1. Added “Cross Section” feature under the Preview.

Figure 1: “Cross Section” feature.



1. Added support to upload imported G-Code files to printer by using the CTRL+U shortcut.

In previous versions, only the currently sliced G-Code file could be uploaded via the shortcut.

2. Removed the duplicated retraction before starting to print the second model under Sequential Printing mode.

3. Added “Reset GCode E Length on Layer Change” option under “Printer settings”. It will restart the E value when changing layers in G-Code files to avoid overflow issues present in some versions of the firmware.


Bug Fixes

1. Fixed ideaMaker crash after clicking the “Slice” button when there is no template available under “Select Template”.

2. Fixed over-extruded lines due to a wrong Thin Wall calculation.

3. Fixed issue with recognizing case sensitivity in suffix in Linux.

4. Fixed wrongly generated support caused by Small Floated Features.

5. Fixed missing print time and filament information in the uploading queue.

Download ideaMaker 4.0.1