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Announcement: Raise3D Open Filament Program

Nov 13, 2017

Optimizing Filament Performance. Interview with Diogo Quental of Raise3D

Raise3D printers are known for their incredibly compatibility with many filament types. Can you explain what the new Open Filament Program (OFP) will be bringing to Users?

That is correct. Raise3D printers were designed to ensure a high material compatibility. However, there is a difference between compatibility and top performance. To achieve top performance, the FFF printing process such as the one Raise3D printers use, may need specific printing settings.

Today, there are more than a 100 filament manufacturers with high quality products in the market. It would not be feasible for Raise3D to identify the best printing settings for each filament they sell (or for Raise3D Customers who may want to buy).

This is the reason we launched the Open Filament Program. Filament manufacturers who participate in the Program – we have 15 already – can identify the best settings for their own filament and send them to us to replicate and test. If Raise3D confirms the top performance with the filament and printing settings sent by the Filament Manufacturer, then that filament can have a “Raise3D compatible” sticker and the printing settings will be included in ideaMaker.

This will make it easier for Raise3D Customers to choose from a large variety of filament with top performance.

What kinds of benefits does this bring to Corporate Customers?

Today, Corporate Customers who buy filament from another brand will have to identify and set up printing settings by themselves.

This can be time consuming and there is no certainty about the quality of the results as it will greatly depend on the know-how of each user. This is the same in every FFF printer.

Time, as we know, is money and even more so for Corporate Customers. We thought the Open Filament Program could offer them a better solution.

With a large number of “Raise3D compatible” filaments in the market, all that hassle is gone.

Corporate Customers, like any other Customer, just have to choose the printing settings from ideaMaker and print.

In a later stage of the program, there will be other specific actions relevant for Corporate Customers, but we will not announce them yet.

There is a huge filament market available. How can filament manufacturers get involved in the Program?

It’s very easy. Just send an email to ofp@raise3d.com to get started!