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Eliminating the Pain : Shoes 3D Printed for Performance

Nov 3, 2017

Oliver Brossman’s story on creating BioRunners

Oliver Brossmann is a “soccer-playing kid with knee problems” who became an entrepreneur with his dream to be able to run without the pain.

After discovering the capabilities of 3D printing Brossman set out to create his own solutions and dropped out of college to develop, manufacture, and launch his BioRunners. These performance-driven shoes are designed for athletes or others in need of a truly custom shoe. By 3D printing each shoe, each product can be individually designed allowing full customization of fit, color, thickness, cushions, and tread.

For Brossman “It really is the future of how we’re going to buy products. Everything is going to be tailored to us.”

3D Printed Shoes

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Published by Kurt Schlosser